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For the last year or so, Authonomy and I have lived separate lives. At one time we were inseparable. I would see her numerous times a day and she rewarded me with great reviews and a high chart position but then she changed!! Her new scoring system destroyed all the good work we had put in together and my chart position plummeted. How unfair with over 600 (mostly great) reviews. We struggled on for a while but it just wasn't working and I gave up. I visited occasionally to see my babies but they remained distant. I lost contact and did little to support them. However, recently, I have decided to work harder and give them another go. Authonomy is a cruel mistress but I know my babies are more than good enough to push on and eventually realise their potential. I am even hoping Mr Harper and Mrs Collins adopt them for themselves and give them a better life out there on the bookshelves around the world. I only want what is best for them!So I have decided to give Authonomy another go. I forgive her and I hope you can help us make a bloody good go of it. At one stage I hit the heights of the top 50 but my neglect has seen my eldest (Conscience) fall to a disappointing low of 179. This can't go on. So I ask you, new readers and old, cast your eyes over a book the like of which you will surely not have read before. This 'thriller' is written entirely through the thoughts of twenty (mostly) ordinary souls. Souls like...well, like you.
Are you capable of murder, deceit, revenge or neglect? How emotional or emotionally scarred are you? Yours and everyone else's secrets are hidden by your conscience.

A big thank you to all those who have backed and supported the book and a big telling off for those of you who haven't. You really don't know what you are missing. :-)

There are two other offerings on my profile. One, a comedy farce written with a friend of mine, Mr Darren Martin.
The other, one of a number of short stories based on relationships. 'Mail Wanted' is the first of these. Why not cast your eye over all three!

Finally, I am currently writing a series of short stories that cover the many different types of relationships and loves that life has to offer. 'Mail Wanted' is just one of these.

I am happy to swap read with anyone keen to share and I am not afraid of friends requests either - my mother always said you can't have too many (but my ex girlfriend disagreed).

Now I have a bank of work, with more to come, I am actively seeking an agent/publisher. I would be deligted to hear from any such esteemed characters. Please feel free to email me at: scholespeter@hotmail.com

The book.
So what does 'Conscience' have to offer?
The best books I have ever read leave me wanting more. They stir the emotions and throw me into a new world. It is like holding a gorgeous puppy that I don't want to put down. They make me smile, laugh, cry, gasp and grimace.

The start of 'Conscience' introduces you to a number of characters. These are not simply monologues but the 'foundation' for what is to come. Twenty seemingly normal people's lives intermingle like never before.You are not sure what is to come or where it is leading you but you know 'something' is coming. This 'something' is a thriller with many twists and surprises.

Always let your 'Conscience' be your guide.

P.S - it should be noted that, in the paper copy of my book, each character has a different font to help the reader distinguish each 'thinker' as the book goes on. Online, this is not as important and has been changed by request. Enjoy.

favourite books

A prayer for Owen Meany, Empire State, Dead Famous, Winter in Madrid, Lost for Words, Viz and Mr Happy by Roger Hargreaves.

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http://www.beyondthehill.co.uk     http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk/news/learning/prim

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my books


Peter Scholes

Twenty people, twenty lives, thousands of thoughts with every genre crashing together. Always let your conscience be your guide. It may save your life.

Things are not always as they seem. We hide our secrets by what we don't say. We often think what we can't bring ourselves to say. Every action has a consequence and so does every thought.

A child has died. Was she killed or was she really saved?

Do we decide our own guilt? Only your conscience can answer that.

An angry housewife, a disorientated groom, a distraught Mum, an impatient shopkeeper, a randy husband, a lazy but caring priest, a fiesty invalid and a couple of bickering pensioners. These are just a few of the characters in this tight knit thriller that bring this intricate, roller coaster of a novel alive.

'Conscience' is the story of how thoughts can trigger a chain of disturbing, funny and outrageous events. And when twenty very different people are involved the consequences are frightening. As we get to know the varied and complex characters we are sucked into a tale of mishap and murder. Always let your conscience be your guide.

After a considered, patient start, the links between the characters overlap to produce a thriller that will leave you wondering just what on earth goes on in the mind of others.


Mail Wanted

Peter Scholes

Mail Wanted is one in a series of short stories focusing on relationships.

When your husband doesn't notice you any more what's a lady meant to do!

One of a set of short stories based on relationships between men and women, 'Mail Wanted' follows the very different lives of two close friends keen to enjoy life's pleasures without the feeling of guilt ruining it all! Written through a series of emails 'Mail Wanted' will take you on an intimate cyber journey where honesty and guilt clash throughout. (ONLY READ CHAPTER 1 TO 3 - 4 TO 6 ARE REPEATED TO SATISFY WORD COUNT)


Talking Shop

Peter Scholes and Darren Marti....

A playscript comedy set in a fictional shop. A modern day 'Fawlty Towers".

Welcome to the shopping world of BYERITE. The store is managed by arrogant and ambitious manager, Mr Colin Jordan. His visions for the store are supported by his flowery assistant, Mr Christopher Reeve.
Colin is constantly trying to impress the stores repulsive Director Larry Forsyth and his sycophantic tendencies are as apparent as Larry’s own obvious disdain for blatant homosexual, Chris.
Supporting Colin are a diverse collection of societies misfits ranging from the retired schoolteacher to the impressionable warehouse apprentice and then there is Charlie.
Throughout the play the staff face a number of challenging ‘initiatives’ faxed from Head Office. These are often wrongly interpreted and conveyed to the staff by Mr Jordan eager to please his superiors.
In ‘Three for one’, we are introduced to the staff at the morning briefing. Here, Colin in his enthusiasm has misread the crucial details of Larry’s fax from Head Office. A message that should have read ‘Bye one get free freeze’ in Colin’s head has become ‘Bye one get three free’. This misunderstanding leads to utter chaos as he leads his dim-witted staff on a mission that could see the shop bankrupt before the day is over!


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I wrote 234 days ago

Very good start to the book. Captures interest straight away. North Korea fascinates me - so many stories to tell there I am sure! This book is staying at the top I am sure. view book

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What a novel concept Sarah. As a primary school teacher I would love to see this in our library. Funny and perfectly pitched. Happy to back and give a high start rating too. Pete view book

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A very powerful opening chapter of a girl with a very misunderstood illness. You certainly don't skip the detail and the reader is in no doubt of the discomfort she is subjected to from mockery of those she knows to the almost toe-curling fight with a porcelin bath! I have also picked up a new wor... view book

I wrote 762 days ago

Beautifully written by a thoughtful, articulate author. Pete view book

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