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Brian Brown Bear and the Strange Horrid Smell is a picture book for children. Some of the illustrations as the cover can be seen on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. The book is available in paperback and in kindle edition. Links below if you would like to have a look inside the book:


(Kindle edition - You can look inside the book and see some of the illustrations)

Any comments are welcome.

I live in London, where I teach Brazilian Portuguese to children and adults.

I love reading and writing. First Friend was my first finished and self-published book and I don’t regret to have self-published it.
It was primarily written in English and later translated into Portuguese for Kindle.
Brian Brown Bear and the Strange Horrid Smell is my second book for children.

Apart from reading and writing I am always trying to learn how to play the guitar.

favourite books

Survival in the Killing Fields. (amazing story),
It's a Long Way from Penny Apples (another amazing story) by Bill Cullen,
Peace and War by Joe Haldeman,
Sweet Blue by Michael Kolanis,
Milk Treading by Nick Smith,
A River in May by Edward Wilson,
Shot in The Heart by Mikal Gilmore,
Slash and Burn by Matt Hilton,
A Perfect Execution by Tim Binding,
Growing Up With Lucy by Steve Grand (for teenagers)

Too many to mention, but I also like Sidney Sheldon, Jean Paul Sartre, Ricardo Pinto, Paulo Coelho ...

my websites


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my books

Brian Brown Bear And the Stran....

Edinaldo E. Santo

-What is this smell? asked Dad. -It's just the wind blowing in your direction, honey, -replied Mum.
DOES BRIAN CARE? Definitely not, but should he?

Brian Brown Bear doesn't want to bathe, brush his teeth or wash his hands. He is only interested in watching his favourite TV programs and playing with his toys.

His odour is not going unnoticed, though, and it is attracting unwelcome visitors during the night. Critters who leave a mysterious and strange stench in the air surrounding the home.

Brian will have to sort things out, and quickly. He may even have to take a bath or a few.


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