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Hello Fellow Authonomists:
PAPER DREAMS is being published by Matador on the 1st December, 2011.

This story is basically a thriller with a thread of romance woven in for good measure. Why do families fight over money? Find out here...


Is KATIE NICHOLSON the main character?


Is it THE OLD HOUSE - Epton Hall?

Enjoy and inwardly digest, but don't dream about PAPER...!

Thanks to Bradley Wind for the brilliant cover.

Please note, if someone asks me to back them merely because they are approaching the ed's desk, I will not respond. I will definitely respond to anyone who asks me for a SWAP. And, protocol demands that the person who asks first, goes first! Fair enough?

I like to think of myself as a well-rounded person: I am a trained soprano and do a lot of choral work: Sang the mighty BRAHMS' German Requiem, last night (Saturday 5th March 2011: a BIG SING!) I love painting in water-colours and designed and painted the cover of A PASSING STORM, which has been on the site for some time and which has received many great comments and backings (thank you).
(A PASSING STORM - WAS published POD by Trafford Publishing) and can be obtained from www.trafford.com: and Amazon etc. I would dearly love to find a MAINSTREAM publisher for this and PAPER DREAMS.
I can be contacted by email on: phyllisburt@yahoo.co.uk

Good luck everyone...!

favourite books

Anything by: Jane Austen: Jodie Picoult, Kate Mosse:
Sophie Kinsella, Dan Brown...and many more.
A PASSING STORM (of course)

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Phyllis J. Burton

Young librarian, Katie Nicholson discovers evidence of a past family scandal in a rambling old mansion and her life is now put in mortal danger.

Katie Nicholson is a dreamer, and trying to get over a failed love affair. She goes to crumbling mansion Epton Hall, following the death (intestate) of the elderly owner, to catalogue the vast library of books. The only known heir, (penniless Harold Hapsworth-Cole, living in Malta) can't wait to inherit Epon Hall's fortune. Whilst cataloguing books in the attic, Katie discovers a letter and a birth certificate written more than fifty years earlier, proving that another heir exists. Harold returns to England in secret to see the old mansion and overhears a telephone conversation between Katie and her employer about the letter. Following a scuffle he steals the evidence and locks her in the attic without light, food or water for the weekend.
Katie gradually becomes embroiled in a battle of inheritance, greed, intense hatred and attempted murder in a hospital room in Vancouver, before the fate of the old house can be decided.


A Passing Storm

Phyllis Burton

Jennifer Redmond has a near-fatal accident and wakes up in hospital suffering from amnesia. When her memory returns, she remembers why she was running away.

Jennifer Redmond, flees to Scotland to get away from her scheming, work-obsessed husband, Peter and finds a hotel in a remote Highland village. The owner, Angus Cameron, a quiet lonely man, befriends her. Whilst walking in the mountains Jennifer falls, is critically injured and eventually rescued by helicopter and taken to hospital.

After suffering an out-of-body experience, Jennifer gradually recovers from her injuries and short-term amnesia, but not before Peter has discovered her secret hideaway. He worms his way back into her confidence after her memory returns and despite having doubts, she returns to England with him, unaware of the reasons why he wants her back, or that he's considering having an affair with his young secretary, Susie. Peter takes her to New York on a business trip: he also invites Susie...

Will Jennifer stay with Peter, or try to find love and happiness with Angus in the Highlands of Scotland and regain her self-respect? How many more disasters will occur before she decides? And how will a thin, hungry and straggly dingo in the outback of Australia finally influence her decision? (See Chapter 31). Clever dog!


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Hello Jay, This is good, solid and intriguing writing. Much enjoyed and I wish you good luck with this. Starred highly and on my shelf. Phyllis PAPER DREAMS & A PASSING STORM view book

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