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I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and have lived there ever since. I am married with two grown-up children.
I left my staff job as a sub-editor on the Irish Times business desk in 2002 to work as a freelance journalist. Since then I have written Love Knot and I am working on my next novel.
I also run an underground restaurant in my home. I am a member of Rathfarnham Theatre Group, for whom I have written, produced and directed a one-act play, Angel Superhighway.
Love Knot is my first novel and I am working on the next one.

favourite books

The Time Traveller's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger
Love, etc, by Julian Barnes
Casualties, by Lynne Reid Banks
Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, by Paul Torday
Twenty Years a Growing, by Maurice O'Sullivan

my websites

http://sheilaokellyauthor.wordpress.com/      http://www.sheilaokelly.com/

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my books

Love Knot

Sheila O'Kelly

It is 1979, Dublin, Ireland. A young Irish journalist becomes pregnant and flees to London away in search of independence and a new life.

It is 1979, Dublin, Ireland. A young Irish journalist becomes pregnant and flees to London away in search of independence and a new life. She falls into the clutches of a couple of undesirable men, but through her strength of character untangles herself, returns to Dublin and forges a new life.


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I wrote 1451 days ago

Have already backed this book. Just like to say it is my favourite so far. A real page turner. view book

I wrote 1455 days ago

Great start to this gritty thriller and the heroine is very well drawn. Feel a bit sorry for her poor husband. Will definitely come back to this one. Backed! view book

I wrote 1455 days ago

Really enjoying this so far. Forgot I was reading it for review, just got engrossed in the story and characters. Backed! view book

I wrote 1455 days ago

Just read the prologue and first two chapter. You write really well with great pace and characterisation. The tension to the bonfire is built up nicely and the children's relationships are really well drawn. Congrats! view book

I wrote 1457 days ago

Sorry folks, Niall's other half here again. We're having technical difficulties after changing email and Niall cannot log into his account. Talk to you very soon. view book

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