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My name's Tanya. I adore reading. If you have a good book you may leave me a message and I'll take a look at it.

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All by Isaac Azimov, Kurt Vonnegut

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AudreyB wrote 625 days ago

Hi, Tanya--I’m writing to you because you are one of the wonderful pe....

Adam Thurstman wrote 626 days ago

Hi Tanya I'd be very grateful if you could please take a quick loo....

Marita A. Hansen wrote 642 days ago

Thanks, Tanya, for backing Graffiti Heaven.

revteapot wrote 642 days ago

Many thanks for your support Vitanka, it is much appreciated. Lind....

Drishti wrote 642 days ago

hi vitanka, drishti here.Im an aspiring novelist from India.I was wo....

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I wrote 871 days ago

I loved the opening chapters and back it. Tanya view book

I wrote 1050 days ago

Excellent Prologue and Chapter 1! I will definitely back it for a while! Good luck to you with it! Tanya view book

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