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Johanna Kern - MULTIPLE AWARD WINNING AUTHOR, AS WELL AS FILM DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/WRITER, has been living the most unique life for many years.

Following an unusual event which has turned her professional and personal life upside down, for many years now she has been counseling people regarding health, spirituality, emotional problems, family issues, relationships, death, life and career paths.

As a filmmaker, Johanna Kern is recognized for her unique directing style, and her vision that captivates broad audiences and draws exceptional professionals to her productions.

Her recent fantasy/mystery/adventure feature film, “Shadowland, The Legend” (2012) explores the topics of creating one’s own destiny, and the ways of dealing with personal and global Shadows.

Over the years, Johanna has made a number of dramatic short films including the critically acclaimed short “Cherries for Brian”. (Several of her short films can be watched FREE on youtube – simply type “Johanna Kern” in the search box.)

Johanna has also written seven feature film screenplays and worked as a producer/director on a number of television commercials and music videos.

Additionally, she has produced, written and directed two musicals for the stage (with large casts of more than 300 actors), and founded Kid Stage, an acting school for young performers.

She was also the founder and executive director of Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival (2005-2007) – reaching six million people all over the world in its first year, thanks to widespread media coverage from many popular television, radio and newspaper outlets. The festival held some of the first public screenings of such films as “The Secret”, “Future by Design” (featuring the visionary scientist Jacque Fresco), “Whale Dreamers” (a Julian Lennon production) and other significant works contributing to humanity and its evolution – in the genres of World Mythology, Mysticism, Magical Realism, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Legend & Archetype.

She holds an honors degree in Applied Arts/Film from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, and previously studied theatre and fine arts in Europe.
Johanna Kern writes articles on psychology, self-development, quantum physics, philosophy and religion on the blog “The Chamber of 7 Powers.

In 2013, Johanna Kern and her husband, Patrick Kern, established a non-profit organization, Humans Of Planet Earth ASSN. (HOPE) – to support people in gaining creative control of their own lives, through events, seminars, conferences, classes, art, video & film projects and festivals, exhibitions, fairs, and shows.

For more info please visit Wikipedia and search for Johanna Kern.


TWO-TIMES AWARD WINING BOOK "MASTER AND THE GREEN-EYED HOPE" -- was edited by Brian Van der Horst (journalist, author, coach, therapist listed in Who’s Who in the World since 1994, and Who’s Who in America since 2007); and it was endorsed by internationally renowned psychologists Stanley Krippner and Jerry Solfvin.

The book is now available as PAPERBACK on Amazon (worldwide) and in retail stores:
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth ISBN: 148274726X ISBN-13: 978-1482747263
And as KINDLE, NOOK and more:
ASIN:  B008R454RA Kindle, ISBN:  9781476304427 Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader

The manuscript (126817 words) has been compared by some readers and writers to such works as the books of Castaneda ("The Teachings of Don Juan"), Rider Haggard novels ("She", "Allan and the Ice Gods"), and "The Course in Miracles".




TWO-TIMES AWARD WINNING BOOK "SHADOWLAND: THE LEGEND" - written together with the British author Roy Fitzsimmonds - based on my fantasy/family/mystery/adventure feature film. The film was first released in Canada, in September 2012, and now begins to reach other countries. Coming out in the U.S. in April, 2013.

The film trailer is available on youtube.com -- Shadowland The Legend official trailer

The book is available as PAPERBACK on Amazon and in retail stores (worldwide):
BISAC:  Fiction, Fantasy, General, Young Adults ISBN: 1482727951 ISBN-13: 978-1482727951
And as KINLE, NOOK and more:
ASIN:  B00BKKSYAW Kindle ISBN:  9780988166110 Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader




favourite books

I am still compiling the long, long list!
Favorite topics: inspiring stories - of ordinary people who know how to live and love life.

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http://www.shadowlandthelegend.com     http://thechamberof7powers.blogspot.ca/

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my books

Shadowland: The Legend

Johanna Kern & Roy Fitzsimmond....

Based on the family/fantasy/adventure/mystery feature film by Johanna Kern: A boy considered to be the chosen one faces his destiny in the mythical Shadowland.

Frank and his sister Caroline arrive in mythical Attic Town in Shadowland, where the Great Syndicate is ruling and robbing citizens. An army of Shadows kidnaps anyone who is out after dark and the Patrolling Thieves make the daylight miserable for everyone. Attic Town is a place where the streets have no names and there is no turning back.

Not realizing that they shifted in space and time, Frank and Caroline split, looking for directions. Wandering the streets, the boy meets Donlore, a young Patrolling Thief, and trusts this somewhat shadowy figure despite his first instincts.

Caroline finds herself on a farm outside of town. She soon sets on a journey to find her brother and help him realize his mistake. She has to find him before dark. When the night falls, he will remain one of the dark rulers forever and there will be no way back.

In the meantime, the underground opposition of Attic Town begins to revolt.


Master and the Green-Eyed Hope....

Johanna Kern

Filmmaker Johanna Kern tells her story of an unusual encounter with the Master whom she met while spontaneously falling into trance one day.

Johanna Kern, film director/producer/writer, tells her story of an unusual encounter with the Master whom she met while spontaneously falling into trance one day.

Before the event, Johanna knew nothing about other realms and possibilities. Her life was full as it could be, and she had no time for any mythical or mystical nonsense. Yet when facing the Master in an Ancient Temple, she was mesmerized by his power.

“I am going crazy, that’s all”, she thought. “All is cool and this will soon end. Whatever it is.”

Yet the trances continued, and it was only the beginning of a story lasting nineteen years. She was given the ancient Master Teachings – now “brought back to life” from nine thousand years ago.

Filled with fun “scenes” from the Ancient Temple and stories from the filmmaker’s personal and professional life, this book is at once a novel, a creative fiction, a scientific journey, and a true life story.

Like Castaneda, the author ventures into another world as a sort of transcendental anthropologist, comes back whole, and offers a detailed, entertaining report that makes us feel as if we’ve been there too.


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vanderlove wrote 23 days ago

Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won prize money o....

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I wrote 817 days ago

A great story, and a great imagination! Thank you for putting it on Authonomy -- very well written, and I'm sure it's going to do well. Congrats! Johanna Kern Master and the Green-Eyed Hope view book

I wrote 1171 days ago

What a great premise, what a great writer, what a great work! From the very top this book keeps the readers on their toes, and the story flows beautifully. It is a true page-turner, and it deserves the best! I will look for it in the stores, and I'm sure it will be published soon, and published wel... view book

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Carrie, you are an excellent storyteller! What a fascinating plot, vast imagination, and beautiful characters. Exceptional piece, you truly make the reader involved and carrying for Maeve and Lila in a masterful way. The bond between the mother and daughter is so real, deep and tender, the way th... view book

I wrote 1240 days ago

K N Gee, Once again - thank you so much! I will see how I can further improve my work :) Johanna view book

I wrote 1241 days ago

Thank you K N Gee, beautiful of you to give me so much feedback! I am grateful for the time you have taken and given me so much wonderful tips! I will look into all that you have suggested and see what I can improve. Wonderful of you! Johanna view book

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