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written 995 days ago

I love it! I would have loved this book a lot as a teenager. I don't relate as well to such young characters anymore, but the pace of the book is excellent. It's enthralling, and easy to read. I don't think I found myself retracing any paragraphs, and it was easy to pick back up after leaving it for a few days between chapters. I'm eager to find out how things develop. I like that each chapter provides just a little bit more of the puzzle without overloading the reader with details on the plot, and still manages to offer character development at the same time.

The only thing that stuck out at me was the fact that he found out about his grandfather's death a full week after the fact...unless you meant that he had died in the last couple of days before the performance, after having been in the hospital for several days. It just doesn't seem likely, even with a dysfunctional family.

The quick-witted humor reminds me a little bit of Terry Pratchett, but in a setting and with characters more suited to teen readers. If I'd followed the route of becoming a middle or high school English teacher, I would put this on the recommended reading list.

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