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The Contractor

Frank James

James McAuley; journalist, family man and a cold blooded killer if the price is right... but then the hunter becomes the hunted...

James McAuley, mid twenties, university educated, married with two young children living in Belfast was interested in a movement to bring twenty-year olds into politics. The movement grew but did not appeal to the established political parties. Their power was threatened so they arranged for James to be charged with terrorist offences. He lost his family, home, job and was sentenced to twelve years in prison. At his trial there were hints he had hunted down two political activists who stole party funds and shot them.

He became a bodyguard when he was released under the Good Friday Agreement and from Iraq to Afghanistan he guarded the politically important. He was, however, capable of becoming a cold-blooded killer when hunting those who put him in prison and for money.

A beautiful woman enters James' life and turns it upside down. Is she what she appears to be or is she there to assassinate James?


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I wrote 1123 days ago

Hi David, To say I like this work is an understatement. It is brilliant. I'm BACKING and STARRING it and I wish you all the best for the future. Frank James (The Contractor) view book

I wrote 1125 days ago

Hi Anna, I received your communication today and understand the position you are in. I am hoping to reach 100 on my way to ED, then I'm told a few things might happen. I would be quite happy to leave you on my shelf for as long as you say and if you left my book on your shelf, then we would both... view book

I wrote 1127 days ago

Hi there dloganw, Had you outlined the type of book we have here I would not have wanted to read it, but here we are and I do like it-very much in fact. Not my genre but I'm delighted you made me aware of it. Liking it means I'll give it my BACKING and I'll STAR it too. Good luck to you in the... view book

I wrote 1128 days ago

Hi Barb, Love your writing style. I'm not into history very much, but when I got past chapter two, I found the book then came to life and I began to enjoy it. I think it could do quite well commercially. I am BACKING and STARRING your work and you have my best wishes. I would appreciate your ... view book

I wrote 1128 days ago

Hi Stuart' I'm knocked sideways by your book. It's a real spell binder, one that you do not want to put down until the last page. I'm BACKING it without any doubts and I'm STARRING it. Good luck for the future . I would appreciate your support for my book (The Contractor) Frank James view book

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