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London-based adventurous ex-bookseller. Now a part-time writer and gambler.

Completed MS:
One crime novel.
One mainstream novel (Hemingway Quest)
A romance (Zambezi Seduction)
Two children's novels - one being Klipspringer Hill.

Likes: wild places, small islands, rivers (the movement and sounds), wildlife, good whisky, Africa, the satisfaction that comes from filling a blank screen with orderly words, the satisfaction ...

Longlisted, Chapter One Promotions International Short Story Competition 2012: 'A Night at the River'. (To be published in an anthology by Tranquillity Publishing, coming out in late 2012).

Stories removed from site, for now. I'd like to thank all who took the trouble to read and comment. Much appreciated!

favourite books

The Old Man and the Sea. (worth a re-read each year)
The Essential Hemingway.
The Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy
Anything by the US crime greats: Connelly, Burke, Leonard. The Scandi crime writers. Also Marquez, Coetzee, and many others.

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Andreea Daia wrote 5 days ago

Hi Camac-- Any chance you can take a quick look at my SF book, "Du....

fledglingowl wrote 9 days ago

Camac, Thank you for your kind review and encouragement. Note, you h....

R. Dango wrote 24 days ago

Hi Camac, Many thanks for your kind comments on Rhapsody in Baghdad.....

Tillerman wrote 28 days ago

Hello Camac, Please don't think this is spam, because it's not. We....

Meg Wearing wrote 30 days ago

Thanks for your reply. Interesting tidbit regarding Joyce and Heming....

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I wrote 24 days ago

Ruko, your stories are wonderful. Usually when we hear or read about Iraq the focus is on war, fighting, or the latest bombing atrocity. You bring us glimpses of the lives of ordinary people; you make them alive, show us their hopes and failings. We feel their sadness and moments of joy. Great writ... view book

I wrote 598 days ago

I was interested in comparing this with the second of Belle de Jour’s books (forget the title) which I read last year. And I was really impressed by your work. Whilst I remember almost nothing of hers, I’m pretty sure parts of your diary will stay with me. You bring a refreshing Aussie franknes... view book

I wrote 631 days ago

Hi Susan, Good choice of plot. It's no exaggeration to say that it could have been taken from today's newspapers. The pitch perhaps gives a little too much information. I think you're missing out on an important selling point with your current tags. Tags are the hooks that catch the reader's eye... view book

I wrote 635 days ago

Hi Fatema, I don't have strong religious views so I'm not the ideal person to review your work. However I found your 'Family Encyclopaedia' instructive and well-written. Today in many countries schoolchildren make friends with others of different faiths. The whole question of the teaching of re... view book

I wrote 645 days ago

Hi Brian, I read your first seven stories and really enjoyed them. I can see young children getting hooked on these tales. We have the circus, tartan cows, many-legged turkeys as well as other farm animals and lots of catchy songs. All the ingredients for success. I liked the talking animals, may... view book

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