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First let me say, I return all reads and welcome the opportunty.

You see me on my bike doing my favorite activity, long distance treks.

This book is co-authored with my mother, who has a separate book registered with Authonomy. Our pen name is M. D.Hansen. My given name is Debbie Canfield, hers is Muriel Canfield.

As to education and profession, I have a BS in business with a major in accounting. I've specialized in corporate and individual taxes for 27 years.

My mom has been a writer for 30 years but has not been published for nine years--far too long, she says. Her BS is in English education.

Our book is complete at 93,000 words.

favourite books

Mystery and suspense. I'm a fast reader and read about 2 books a week.

My mom likes mystery, suspense, but treasures Anne Tyler and John Steinbeck.

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my books

Murder by Mother-in-law

M.D. Hansen

Pricilla is going to murder her daughter-in-law, but no one suspects it.

The story begins in 1966 with Pricilla committing murder at a quarry. At the time her daughter-in-law, Linda, was a toddler, happily enjoying her teddy bears and parents’ love. She knew neither Pricilla, nor the meaning of murder.

Forty-three-years later Pricilla teaches Linda the concept of murder firsthand, a lesson she has successfully taught others. It is Pricilla’s opinion that she only murders by necessity, only eliminates people who steal love that belongs to her: like her little sister Della who greedily sucked up their parents’ love, leaving little for Pricilla.

The story exposes the skewed rationale of a sociopath, and in the process it unveils the durability of good as it is attacked by evil.

The book is complete at 93,000 words.


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I wrote 1753 days ago

broke my arm -- so no capitals--but love your opening--writing and wit--will read on but must due to delight back you. deb view book

I wrote 1763 days ago

Hi Deborah, my sister in name. I enjoyed very much reading your first chapter, and will shelve the book. It is highly chick lit, I think, a real plus in the genre. I hope you go up and up. Debbie 14k view book

I wrote 1765 days ago

You are so clever. We all love a geek! Good luck with this--a very fine piece of writing. I'm wanting to read more, but fell apart time wise due to opening a motel. I will gladly back. Debbie view book

I wrote 1765 days ago

Hi Will, Your book is quite intriguing and original, and I see you have put a lot of care into getting the small details down right. It is these, that make your story so real. I will be happy to back you. Debbie 14 view book

I wrote 1772 days ago

very enjoyable gripping story. Has great potential debbie view book

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