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written 726 days ago

Thank you SO MUCH for commenting on my writing!! I have been off for a few days and was so delighted and shocked to come back to read a comment.
I'm glad to hear that my story is giving out the vibes I am aiming for. Thank you for commenting on the tense I am currently writing in - I am very unsure about the present tense too, and I feel that sometimes I get confused in my writing about what tense I am trying to be in.
I am going to give your book a read now, and I shall leave a comment. Thank you again!!!

Caroline, I saw your book in the romance and chick lit lists, like the title, the cover and the idea of the pitches. I've read the six uploaded chapters.

I get the feeling, from the initial chapters, that some mayhem may follow Alex as she continues to explore London, Sophie's arrival suggests action will follow her. I like the touch of the friendly taxi driver, he's perfectly situated to be a rational voice. Despite all the fun the pitches promise and the moments of humour I've seen so far, I wonder what Alex is running away from her - more than Jon. I'd love to read on to see where it goes.

Some editing is required and I'm not sure how I feel about the present tense but I really like the idea of the story.

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