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Moved back from South Africa two years ago and now live in Scotland with my wife, two sons and a daughter.
I am an electrician to trade but like to dabble in home maintenance.

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Wilbur Smith (who else having lived in S.Africa for so long)
Most of the classic novels , too many to name.

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Hi Plarto, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and no....

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Hi Plarto, With Discoredia currently sitting at 16th in the ranki....

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First book, dictated by the death of my son but brewing for years. Pl....

Eponymous Rox wrote 656 days ago

Hullo there, Plarto. My new investigative piece ‘THE CASE OF THE DROW....

Philthy wrote 660 days ago

Hi Plarto, I wondered if you might consider Deshay of the Woods for....

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