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Van driver from Newcastle. Tall, good-looking and funny. Moody and a drunk.

Note to readers: I don't do Happy Meals.

Note to backers: I love you all, but what's with the one-night stands? At least stick around a while; I feel so used otherwise.

Note to spammers: you don't deserve a note.

Paperback Ocellus available from lulu.com

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The Master and Margarita, Gravity's Rainbow, The Sirens of Titan, The Engineer of Human Souls, Nova, One Day In the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Slaughterhouse 5, The Crying of Lot 49, The Dancers At the End of Time, Ubik, Everything Is Illuminated, Tin Drum, You Bright and Risen Angels...

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Andrew McEwan

A Geordie sketchbook featuring time travel, reincarnation and the entire history of Newcastle-upon-Tyne from Roman to present day.

There is a mythology inherent in regions with a strong cultural identity, none more so than North East England, where the fabulous exists alongside the mundane and both are treated with a dispassion born of having seen it all before. The world was invented here, and it started with the first bridge, Pons Aelius, over the Tyne.

Merging historical facts with picturesque invention and involving notable names, perilous deeds and fantastical undertakings, Ocellus is a unique mix of all things weird and wordy that boasts both supernatural elements and everyday machinations, served up on a plate of local manners with a good dollop of humour, metaphysics and poetry.

Part one of The Great Geordie Novel.


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J West Hardin wrote 217 days ago

thx Andrew....I'd appreciate the return backing

Belinda Walker wrote 231 days ago

Hi Andrew Thanks for backing Teatime of the Dead. So glad you like....

Software wrote 257 days ago

Hello Andrew, Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out ....

jennyjennifer wrote 297 days ago

HI CAN WE BE FRIEND?S My Name is Jennifer am a beautiful young gir....

Fragmented wrote 299 days ago

Hey Andrew! My name is Rachel, my book is The Bloodline http://aut....

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I wrote 600 days ago

I think you need to edit severely. Far too many of your sentences read like statements or stage directions. It's a long book so cutting it by half shouldn't be a problem. Writing in the past tense might help, too. That way you get perspective. The present tense is hard to pull off, especially if you... view book

I wrote 911 days ago

LF40. I found it difficult initially to engage with your MC but having read two chapters now I'm starting to get a better picture. If only I could say the same about Avery, who doesn't seem to have much of a presence. Likewise Brayden is pretty sketchy. Camden is more solid but I struggled with Vi's... view book

I wrote 915 days ago

FMFR. What a great first chapter. It's funny without any obvious jokes. Everything, the humour, the characterisation, the plot leaks out like it should, almost unseen and without contrivance. And then there's Ralph. A proper vampire methinks, one promising no end of fun and shenanigans. I have to ma... view book

I wrote 934 days ago

Sigh. In a good way of course. It's raining; it's a Sunday, I'm drinking tea and feeling a tad reflective. Thought I'd sit down and read another chapter. Read four now so here's some comments. The title is great, the writing captivating but I'm wondering who your target audience is. This is quite a ... view book

I wrote 936 days ago

Having read the first two chapters and looked at the remainder two things come to mind. Firstly this is a rough-cut of a novel; I love the narrative voice, which in part comes from the often odd sentence structure, but it's difficult to tell whether this is intentional or merely haphazard. Either wa... view book

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