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If what you write is character driven, literary fiction, I might be interested in reading your work. Otherwise, I am not. Comments on the novel are welcome, and always the best approach. Spam will be largely ignored.

If you're reading this page I do hope you will read and support the authors on my shelf. They are all worthwhile reads.

For those who wish to contact me, my email address is: tsc(at)bonalibro(dot)us.

favourite books

I have many favorite books, too numerous to count them all, but lately I read mostly contemporary fiction, although most LitFic appalls me as obtuse, overwritten, cloyingly pretty, or lacking in plot. There is a reason there are so few classic authors; they are the only ones who get everything right.

The writer whose work I look forward to most is Richard Powers. I read The Gold Bug Variations years ago and followed that with the rest of his published work at the time and everything he has written since. I buy his hard covers in first edition. What I like about Powers is his way of writing about people working at the frontiers of knowledge and experience.

I also enjoy Steve Erickson, who writes surrealistic books about Hollywood, though he's not in quite the same league as Powers; and Michael Ventura.

But it was Henry Miller who finally opened me up to write.

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Charles Thompson wrote 1005 days ago

You are a scholar and a gentleman. Have a great weekend.

Charles Thompson wrote 1005 days ago

Indeed. I've sent a lot of messages. Perhaps it's futile. You wrote y....

Charles Thompson wrote 1006 days ago

Sorry to bother you. 120 days ago you left a helpful comment on Arale....

Adelie High wrote 1082 days ago

Hi Tim, I've actually deleted "Naming Names". I always planned to ....

Adelie High wrote 1124 days ago

Hi Tim, More chapters of "Naming Names" posted over here: http://w....

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I wrote 1186 days ago

Regarding the HC review. "A stiff breeze" is quite hard to imagine? Although original in writing? Where has this reviewer been? Surely not to the U.S., where it's a standard collocation. I suggest the editor have a look at the English corpus. Anyone who doesn't know the language well enough to recog... view book

I wrote 1200 days ago

Dan, This is reading much, much better. It appears you've done some homework on the science (though what would I know about that, but you make it all sound plausible, and I like the way you bring in Wall Street. This is getting to be very publishable. Just a couple of things I noticed. "even ... view book

I wrote 1221 days ago

I don't pay any attention to pitches, as I like to see how well a story holds together on it's own. You present Hayley as a boldfaced, gun totin' mama in One and the rejected insecure wife in Two. But how does Chapter Two relate to Chapter One? How does the Judge and his story tie into all of th... view book

I wrote 1223 days ago

Dan, You need to read this aloud to yourself, better yet get someone to do it for you. Categorically diminutive? what is wrong with small? I hope you saved a copy of the original. Cheers. view book

I wrote 1284 days ago

Dan Nice job of solving the problem of the things that can't be explained. Do it religiously. Take it on faith. For what it is worth, you're back on my shelf. I noticed I'm not on yours anymore. Nor do you reply to my emails. So, what's the beef? nits even thought that's always how he r... view book

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