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Happy to live in La belle normandie.
Though thinking of writing sequal to - A year in provence, called -'Lets get real.'

Used to be a silversmith now hope to be a wordsmith!
I used to love seeing people wearing my designs that I had produced and now I want to see someone buy my book! that's all.
I have a wonderful view of Cancale but Mont st Michel is blocked by a group of trees on a hill - funny how many visitors notice the trees...

favourite books

Tom Sharp wilt! riotous assemby Peter James
at present reading Writer and Artists yearbook it's a bit slow to get started but sound characters...

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just killing time

alex telford

A sleepy seaside village in the bay of Mont st Michel finds a murderer in its midst.Is the killer ever found?

Le soleil brille, il fait beau... The sun beats down on the sleepy seaside village of St Marie au bout de la mer,
St Marie to its friends,sitting peacfully on the edge of the bay of Mont st Michel.
But like the golden statue of St Michel mounted on top of the monastery, there is a self appointed avenging angel living in the little community of four hundred souls.He... or she...... is distributing their own brand of justic;.Murder.
Isabelle Hulin, fresh from Paris and an affair with her boss is put in charge of the enquiry. Inspector Hulin, bon chic - bon gueule - class on legs. She throws herself into the task of finding the killer, mind and body.
Sitting in a sun trap at the foot of the Champeau cliffs,like all villages St Marie is riddled with secrets; not all can be kept hidden but one is, right to the end ...and even then...


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Daniel Delacy wrote 1234 days ago

After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many....

Daniel Delacy wrote 1495 days ago

Care to swap reads? Apocalypse Then

Dwayne Kavanagh wrote 1517 days ago

Hi Alex, as this is near the end of the month, and we are all trying ....

Lexi wrote 1793 days ago

No; just sending out submissions :o) How are you? (I don't suppose....

Jennifer C. Braun wrote 1793 days ago

Dear Alex Would you have time for a swap read? My crime/detective s....

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I wrote 1793 days ago

Hi Lexi it's alex from la belle normandie been a bit busy have you been published? view book

I wrote 1875 days ago

I am a visual person, trained at RCA as a designer this will be a great movie!! It has speed, not the drug, and punch why hasn't it been published?Yes this is art. view book

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