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Former Marine sniper, graduate of Alabama and Jacksonville State, enjoy the study of history, cooking, dogs, and a variety of music. Enjoy being the father of four great young people, an Air Force pilot, a Navy nuke, a teacher and an English grad who home-schools her children.

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All by Ambrose. Most by Clancy. Many by Crichton. And others, non-fiction and fiction, too numerous to list.

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The Rose

Hunter Ayers

American life, Taliban life.

Rose is an analogy of war and peace within a romance and begins with the early life of her and boys from different backgrounds—two very different cultures—two very different countries. Ali begins fighting the Russians in Afghanistan as a youth while Tom grows into the world of America and freedom. Tom is one of seven children from a working family in Northeast Tennessee and Rose is the only daughter of a brilliant and successful advertising executive. The Islam taught by the Taliban captures Ali’s heart and mind. Rose, America, is still crunching out the set of tenants this free society requires.



Hunter Ayers

Vigilante justice.

Frustrated at the weakening justice system as guilty people are released to make life hell for their victims and create more victims, Marty Capps is motivated to use the skills he learned in the military to seek justice. He has the good fortune to join the same clandestine group to work with a few others in the remediation of cases—taking action saves resources and time. His best friend is James Littledear, an American Indian. James’ father is Detective Littledear of the Fairfax Police Department—he and Detective Armitage are working to solve the case of a serial killer of young women and second, the murder case in Washington D.C. of a prostitute who attempted to blackmail politicians. The detectives find a connection between her murder and the powerful senator.



Hunter Ayers

A newcomer is suspected of murder.

Red Grandsted moved his family (mother and father) to north Georgia after killing a man who raped and killed his sister in Louisiana. The family became the subject of untrue gossip and rumor. Red worked timber and sells arms on the side. There was a multiple murder in the area that brought Sheriff Bean to suspect this stranger from deep Louisiana. One of the victims was a supervisor at a local lumber mill and plywood plant—Timberland Company—which was an entity also attacked by environmentalists. A government inspector had tracked Red for his dealing in firearms and the novel shows him to be a sexual predator—responsible for the murder of the two women found with the supervisor. The characters feed the gossip theme as I move through the story.



Hunter Ayers

What could happen?

One predictable result of the body politic as it is currently and radical Islam’s role in a violent world is explored in the novel COMING. In a story as it relates to the current political environment and Biblical prophesy, the story develops how these shape events if the worst of man’s inclinations were to be carried out in their full expression. People of various backgrounds and symbolism are used throughout the work to tell a story of war in 2027.


Cedar Chest Paper

Hunter Ayers

In verse and dialog, one woman's life. 1st three chaps and prologue... thank you.

Sara McGloughlin was born in the twenties. Her father lost his wife in childbirth and raised Sara alone. He worked in a Birmingham steel mill and wrote of his feelings in verse. He hid them away in an old cedar chest. Lester McGloughlin died prematurely when Sara was only eighteen due to silicosis. Sara found his papers and began to express herself in verse. The family was and remained faithful Christians (Catholic). The novel is an effort to follow a life of a woman as she struggles with good and evil, trust in God and knowledge of Satan. She writes of her feelings, hopes and life through verse and places each piece of paper next to those her father left her in the old cedar chest. This continues throughout her life.


Riser 2014

Hunter Ayers

The next logical step by government has been decided and taken.

Ted Riser made a game of his life. Many men do either until they die or until they walk into a face-to-face confrontation with wrong. Inside the deepest, obscure curls of society where men fall through never to be heard or seen again, there is dirt or fire and fatal obscurity. In the deep, there is an indescribable emptiness without form, without color, without definition. It is hard to breath sometimes. Different forms of food for the heart and stomach is good occasionally but not regularly, not often enough to be counted on as a joy—as is much in life. Love does not seem to last for most. Much of the time the body is hot, too hot or cold, too cold and nowhere does there seem to be company at least, company who knows, people who understand.


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I wrote 1278 days ago

Yes, ma'am--I am honored to do so. Hunter view book

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Oh, my--I thank you for the most kind review with all that is in me. Hunter view book

I wrote 1290 days ago

Oh, my--I thank you for the most kind review with all that is in me. Hunter view book

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Cross Talk by Terrence Allen Gilbert The writer of this epic is a more intelligent person than this reviewer. That much became clear early and then I grabbed the story and held to the best of my ability on for every word. I would like to see the ending. In his descriptive, full color exploration... view book

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Oh, my goodness--what a very nice, kind comment. I agree with the chiklit--thing. Never cared for the term really--thank you. view book

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