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I started writing when inspired to do so by my daughter struggling with her GCSE English exam.

Spent half of my working life in IT and then qualified as an accountant and changed profession.

I am very active, playing football, cycling and kayaking, walking when I fancy a change, or listening to great music by Pink Floyd, The Who or other huge bands of my teenage years.

My latest offering is a controversial romance with some explicit content. "Sleeping With God" is an ordinary man's struggle with sex, guilt, faith and love. This is the book I'd like most people to read, if they're not offended by the content!
I have uploaded all but the last few chapters. If you want to read the whole book, it is now availble on Amazon Kindle.

My first book was a look at prejudice from an unusual angle, taking an extreme situation to subtly emphasize how prejudices can arrise. Blended with lesser extremes and weaved around a story of investigation and mixed with romance and other emotions, the title of this book is "Eggs-Cell Files".

A huge thanks to those who have been kind enough to read/comment/back the book. A special thanks to those who have offered such good advice and guidance and helped make this book so much better.

I'm taking a break to try and finish another book, but hope to be back when I have something new for you all to read. Please enjoy what's here, the full versions are available on Amazon - have fun everyone!
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favourite books

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
Anything by John LeCarre
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (In all forms) by Douglas Adams
Disc World novels by Terry Pratchet
Great Expectations by Dickens

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Sleeping With God

Warrick Mayes

“God, you’re sexy”, not just a compliment but now the truth, Alex is married to a beautiful woman – God!

God is not only married, but a woman. Alex, her newly-wed husband is trying to come to terms with the honeymoon revelation that he is sleeping with God. The mind-numbing enormity of this realisation is making sex complicated.

A supposed chance-encounter with Stan, an entrepreneur, gives Alex some breathing space, but it requires him to consort with Cathy, a beautiful young stripper.

How is Stan able to block God’s power and why is he helping Alex? More temptation is thrown Alex’s way and he starts to question whether his wife is really God, or the devil in disguise.

Sex with his wife becomes more intense and his relationship with Cathy becomes more complicated as he strains to remain faithful and discover who is who in this theological love triangle. His relationship with Cathy develops into more than just an escape, and although he manages to fend off her advances he sees himself being drawn closer with increasing opportunities and sexual stimuli.

A moment of inspiration sees Alex having a brief but climatic relationship with a female artist, Will his instincts be right or will he incur the full wrath of God?


Eggs-Cell Files

Warrick Mayes

Scott, an accountant, encounters mystery, romance and adventure when confronted by a chicken working in his new office.

Scott Holland is an accountant starting a new job in a new location.

His suspicions are aroused when he is asked to look at the work of a colleague, an unusual colleague, a chicken! Are his suspicions due to the fact that he got off to a poor start with this colleague or do they have solid foundations? After initially upsetting some of the other employees, he attracts the attention of Debbie, an HR administrator, who starts to show a keen interest in him.

Scott's investigations lead to strange and disturbing events, including an attack on his long-term girlfriend and his life is turned upside down. Amongst all this, he starts to return Debbie's affections despite being unsure if he can trust her. He also has to examine his own prejudices towards the chicken and towards people from different class backgrounds, and give everyone a chance to prove themselves.

In an attempt to uncover the truth, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Can he find the people behind the attack on his girlfriend, and figure out who he can trust?


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 2 days ago

Warrick, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its fu....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 25 days ago

Warrick, How's your muse treating you these days? My book "The North....

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Hiya! Really need your help... I win $125...yes, $125! if I can get ....

H.S. Toshack wrote 68 days ago

Thanks, Warrick - and good luck with your own writing!

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I wrote 68 days ago

Willow, In your short description, "through to book" should be "through the book". Getting these little things right can make a big difference... Warrick view book

I wrote 292 days ago

Michael, I read the prologue and the first chapter. I like the story, especially the contradiction that is apparent in the lives of the people who lived back then. Prostitution, alcoholism, adultery and more. And yet, when they talk about these things they do so in an apologetic way, almost se... view book

I wrote 296 days ago

Norman, I read the first two chapters. I'm not sure how you managed, so well, to write two chapters in such different styles, and make them both so believable. It did feel that in Ch1 you started third person and them moved to first person, I could have been mistaken, but did go back and double... view book

I wrote 298 days ago

Deanta, I read the first chapter - there a quite a few mistakes here, but I'll come to them in a minute. It'd not a long chapter, and it seems to establish the background of how your MC got into this mess. We don't get any descriptions of what Odin or Voltaire look like - fine, there's plenty... view book

I wrote 299 days ago

Bethany, I read your first three chapters and skipped through the fourth, hoping to see how/when you told the truth about the acid, but you fell into background about your family and friends. This is a truly amazing and horrifying story. It's not possible for someone like me to imagine how yo... view book

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