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Writing is something I have always done, and will always continue to do. I was one of those kids who had read 'Angela's Ashes' and 'The Godfather' before I tured 12 - what does that tell you about me?!

My book "New" is a novella and has recently been completed!!! Read this first if you want to read something by me.

If you are planning on spamming me by asking me to read your book and how great you are etc etc then dont expect a reply, but do expect a 1-star rating. If you read my work and give me feedback THEN I will take a look at your work, but not the otherway around.

ALSO, if you list 'the Bible' your favourite book then stay away from me. I'm a raging athiest and have no time for stupid people :)

I'm a Law, English, Cinema student from Ireland, living in NZ.

- I'm a dog person.
- Cheerleading is not a sport.
- If it tastes like chicken it probably is.
- Do not wear blue shoes with a brown suit.

favourite books

Lolita, American Psycho, Brave New World, Clockwork Orange, Angela's Ashes, Picture of Dorian Gray, The Godfather, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Great Gatsby, Let the Right One In...

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New: a novella

Alex Mills

What if it were possible to wake up 1200 years from now? What if you could cheat death? What would that New World be like...?

Only three were given the opportunity - the chance for eternal life. In 2012 a cryogenics facility was given permisison to effectively freeze three individuals with the hope that some day they could reanimate them and prove to the world that the process was safe. 1200 years later that hope became a reality when they were woken up. But this New World is different to the Old World... much different.


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tone099 wrote 40 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

KoriBates wrote 189 days ago

Wowww. You're never on here! What's the occasion? Lol.

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Thank you very much for supporting my novel in the past. I would l....

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Hi there! I just wanted to say “hi” and introduce myself. My name is ....

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I wrote 731 days ago

Hi Jane, thanks for your comments! Firstly in regards to Alex’s opinions on ‘humans’, I was trying to convey not necessarily that this future is populated by non humans, but rather what we would call humans is not what they call humans, in that they themselves no longer see themselves as humans, bu... view book

I wrote 741 days ago

I've read through the first couple of pieces and it is absolute brilliance - how this has not been published yet I do not know!!! :D view book

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