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I like eavesdropping on strangers, starry nights, and wearing my red shoes. I dream of flying and I write stories about (and for) people who believe in secret worlds enough to find them.

I live with my amazing husband, John, who inspires me daily with his gentleness, wit, and beautiful face! Above all, I live to bring glory to God, the truly greatest author who wrote me into being by His loving Word, Jesus.

I have done some amazing things in my life, some of which actually happened.

I appreciate all backings and comments, but please only do this if you want to; not if you expect an automatic return backing.

I may not reply to direct requests to back your book, cos (quite frankly) it's awkward! I like children's books and books which hunger after God and truth. I don't like books about demons, paranormal romance, witchcraft, heavy technical sci fi stuff, or anything destructive. Got a good children's book? Message me!!

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favourite books

The Bible
Mister God this is Anna
The Little Prince
The Book Thief
Alice in Wonderland
Harriet the Spy
Five Children and It
Where the Wild Things Are

my websites

http://www.karenrosario.co.uk     http://www.amazon.com/Karen-Rosario/e/B004O6TV5Q/r

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my books

How Katie Moonlight got her na....

Karen Rosario

Whatever you do, never give your name away.

When Kate finds the name of a princess abandoned by a river, she promptly throws her own name away and assumes a new identity as the carefree Chiti Lita. But far from being treated as a princess, Chiti Lita is kidnapped by a miserable bear and taken to the Garden of Black and White, a mysterious place where the grass is grey and the flowers are painted by a band of talking goats.

For as long as anyone in the Garden can remember, a deadly war has been waging between the wonderful Darlin De Vurthoope and the elusive Man in the Moon. A tower reaching to the moon is under construction and Darlin vows that as soon as the war is won they will all live as kings and queens.

Captivated by Darlin’s promises, Chiti Lita renounces her old life in favour of a new one in the Garden. She is initiated into the brotherhood of goats and quickly becomes friends with the merry Lucky, simple Lonan and melancholy Noble who is pretty sure he hasn’t always been a goat.

HOW KATIE MOONLIGHT GOT HER NAME is complete at 57,000 words & available on Amazon.



Karen Rosario

Somewhere, in the middle of a fallen island, Isabel and her creator are falling in love...

The Isle of Somnus is governed by Scholars and Scientists proud of their commitment to ‘completely proven fact’. When Isabel sees a unicorn she finds herself utterly alone, doubting everything she has ever believed. After running away from school she becomes fixated with a mysterious Island across the ocean. If only she had a spoon she would dig a hole, pour the sea into it, and run away.

Then she meets Michael. He is neither a Scholar nor a Scientist and he agrees to help Isabel find a spoon.

In actual fact, Michael is a lost schoolboy who arrived unwittingly on the Isle of Somnus after falling into a coma. Although his pledge to help Isabel is noble, his life becomes increasingly at stake the longer he stays on Somnus. Isabel has no idea Michael is only dreaming her, and falling in love only adds to their danger.

This is a story for dreamers; for those who would like to study hard but find themselves consumed with thoughts of flying.

ISABEL is complete at 57,000 words and available on Amazon as a paperback and ebook.


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I wrote 893 days ago

I really like all the bits where Miah is crying out to God- it is honest, painful, at times accusing but always asserting her need for Him. I like the paragraph where she imagines her worship being wrapped up in a golden ribbon and be pleasing in God's sight. That's really beautiful. Her childlis... view book

I wrote 933 days ago

"I don't want to spend the rest of my senior year with a mean lady who snorts!"- that made me laugh! I like how chapter 1 plays out so clearly and smoothly. Poor Isaac, feeling how he does for oblivious Jane! I really enjoyed the beginning of the chapters, where Jane is talking to God so freely a... view book

I wrote 985 days ago

It is fascinating that it is set so far into the future that our current culture and archeology seems dated. On the whole I think you handle that very well. I would like to understand a little more about the culture and structures of the time of this novel. A rough date also would be good. Also, I w... view book

I wrote 1001 days ago

The premise is great, and anyone who has lived with two different cultures will identify with a lot of Ayesha's feelings. I have only read chapter 1 so far, so this is based on that... I like how you capture the cruel intrusion of the airhostess- its a detail that we can all identify with. You are ... view book

I wrote 1014 days ago

I really like the short pitch, very enticing! The opening description of the desert and the Jhoti was serene and wonderfully simple, with only the line 'It was even resistent to a lot of magic' hinting that there is more than what meets the eye. I liked Aleena and Milee's meeting- wow how mysteri... view book

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