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The book below will be going through an ongoing process of evolution while it's up on this site. I would be grateful for any constructive criticism and will happily take on board any comments or suggestions.


My policy on swap reads/comments/reciprocal backings is simply "after you". If you want my input , please feel free to go first.

favourite books

Anything by Iain Banks, with or without the M - the Player of Games, Algebraist, Surface Detail, and The Use of Weopens in particular.
Emporer Series by Conn Iggulden.
Troy series by David Gemmel.
Gordianus the finder series by Stephen Saylor.
I've read and enjoyed just about all the books Bernard Cornwell has written
Gates of Fire - Steven Pressfield
Fatherland, Imperium, Lustrum, Pompeii - Robert Harris
Wolfen - Whitley Striber
Times Arrow - Martin Amis.
A Star Called Henry - Roddy Doyle
Terry Pratchett just has to publish a book set on the Discworld and I'll buy it.
The Book of Dave - Will Self
The Road - Cormac Macarthy

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Robert Whelan

If I gave you the universe to play with, would you still believe in God?

Who gets to play and who gets played? Who is playing the player?

If you don't know the rules or potential moves, how can you play?

Making your own rules might work for a while, right up until the point you realise the pieces are players too. When the pieces start playing by their rules and making their moves; what happens then?


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Hi Robert, I’d like to thank you for your long-term backing of TUI....

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Dear Robert, My apologies for this unsolicited message. It’s an....

KirkH wrote 860 days ago

Hi Robert, I hope you can get a chance to read parts of my college c....

DPMartin wrote 866 days ago

Hi Robert, Thanks for backing IN THE FAMILY WAY. I assume you'd like ....

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Rachel, the Harper Collins site administrator, has just nominated my ....

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I wrote 1181 days ago

I feel there is potential here for a series relating the adventures of Carly and friends as they go on in the world. You're writing is warm and engaging, and I feel draws the reader on as the story progresses. I have almost no experience of YA literature, so can only comment on your writing more te... view book

I wrote 1235 days ago

I found your book very funny and sad at the same time. You have some great lines -'replacing the urge to smoke with insanity' is a particular favourite of mine. You have a very distinctive authorial voice and I was surprised to see 'Christian' in your tags. I only noticed the christian slant to the ... view book

I wrote 1244 days ago

I've had 'Under the Hood' on my shelf for a while now and I'm still enjoying it. To be honest, I'm shamelessly using it to try to improve my own writing in areas which I think you excel. Your multiple POVs are really well done and give a sense of a community who are all affected by the stabbing ... view book

I wrote 1253 days ago

I liked your style of storytelling, which held me from the start. A commenter below has described your work as ‘hypnotic’ and I would have to go along with that impression. I was mesmerised by your writing style, and am more than a little envious of your obvious skills. I liked the shifts in fo... view book

I wrote 1289 days ago

I liked the sense of you place you have conjured in your first chapter - time constraints I'm afraid - and am envious of your authorial voice. I could find nothing that jarred with me about your writing and I found myself drawn in and keen to find out where the story will go. Rather unhelpfully, I ... view book

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