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My husband and I wrote this book together. It is inspired in large part by web culture. I picture people smilingly reading it on the train on their way to work.
We both love science and technology, cooking and dogs.

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I love Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series, Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy, Isaac Asimov, Lindsey Davis (Falco Series), Terry Pratchett and Matthew Reilly.

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The Steely Dan

Ben and Brianna Hamlett-Keelin....

A scifi comedy featuring a man who was a god, vampire pirates and a robot goat. And that's just the first chapter.

The debut novel in a series of adventures starring Arrson and his former mercenary team in the frontiers of space, science and staying alive... Arrson’s life has never been the same since he was brought back to life. His mind had been stored in an artificial universe in which he became a god. He didn’t even get put back into his own body. And then there’s the genetically modified vampire pirates that want both his erotically-shaped space-mining ship, and to feed on his person and crew. When Arrson and said elite and legendary crew - consisting of one alcoholic ship’s technician and a morally challenged robot goat - board the pirate vessel to fight them without risking their decrepit ship, the young patriarch of the vampire pirates, Jim, realises what a very special mind Arrson has. A mind that must be protected. The mind of a god who has perfected a recipe for government and chip’n’gravy pie. From his death to his storage in and retrieval from an artificial universe and placement in a black-market body, we follow Arrson’s journey into the new and possibly final frontier: interdimensional space.


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Albert van der Heijden wrote 762 days ago

I love this work, and no I am not surprised you have Partchett on you....

junetee wrote 888 days ago

Hi BHK, I have just finished reading your book and I really enjoyed i....

Maevesleibhin wrote 973 days ago

I started reading Steely Dan and found it really amusing. As I starte....

ndaye wrote 1016 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

junetee wrote 1037 days ago

Hi BHK, I have just finished reading your pitch and I love the sound ....

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I wrote 1849 days ago

Quite different from my regular reading material but thoroughly enjoyable and tightly written. view book

I wrote 1866 days ago

From beginning to end this story is extremely entertaining. I love your way with words, especially how you describe the fire as chasing combustible material through the house because its life depended on it. The humour is very gentle and subtle and even funnier for that because it suits the characte... view book

I wrote 1870 days ago

I absolutely love so many of the concepts in the book, particularly the two symbiotic species that make up Spock's race. It makes for really great unique yet classic scifi. One thing I noted was the description of the consoles on the bridge in chapter one impedes the flow of the narrative a bit, as ... view book

I wrote 1871 days ago

A few chapters in and I find the book really does read like an autobiography. It's got that ring of truth to it. I find myself nodding along to the observations made about people and life. I got very immersed! On my shelf you go! view book

I wrote 1871 days ago

The book is complete and fully edited at 12 chapters and 63,000 words, (and book 2 is in its very early stages). We are still discussing how much more to post on authonomy, so watch this space! Thanks for your support, and be assured I have a policy of returning reads! view book

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