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At the moment I am at Nottingham University studying creative writing. I have just finished my first children's book,and want to get it out there for people to see.
I have been published in my University anthology twice, and attended an Arvon course this year for children's writing.

I have finished the book, MAGIC DOOR KNOB, but have only uploaded a few chapters as a taster.


favourite books

Charlie and the chocolate factory. Gruffalo. Percy Jackson.
The Kane Chronicles.James and the Giant Peach

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The Magic Door knob


When Ricky’s inventor dad goes missing, he leaves Ricky with a small brass doorknob. Then things get very interesting indeed.

When Ricky’s dad goes missing, he leaves Ricky with a small brass doorknob as a reminder of their days spent together, inventing things. Quickly, Ricky discovers that this is no ordinary doorknob; in actual fact, the brass article is magic, and when placed on a flat surface, opens a portal to fantastic and different worlds.


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My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Geowonderland wrote 209 days ago

Hi T.D., Are you interested in read swap? Thanks, Aneta

janetmcdb wrote 216 days ago

Hello Aurora Congratulations on your book doing well in the charts....

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Dear T.D., Now that Jessup and the Teleporter has been teleported aw....

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maryanada69@yahoo.co.uk Hi love I saw your profile today and lov....

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I wrote 788 days ago

Really humorous start to the story, loved the names of the places and people you chose. You have a lyrical flow to your writing, and it comes across in a soft conversational way, which I like a lot. Your characters are colourful and vibrant. This and the dialogue ass feeling and pace to the text.... view book

I wrote 792 days ago

Hiya again Angela. Good beginning, sounds like me at the moment. Love the sentence 'Very few things are close to my heart and so writing this book is like copying and pasting me onto the paper.’ Written like an author. Great introduction, leaving the reader with an interesting question to reaso... view book

I wrote 793 days ago

Erie start, with some very good description. Like the hammer horrors, that scared me when I was younger. Excellent use of imagery and it uses all of the reader’s senses. Drawing them in like a fly in a web. I started to feel dread, knowing death was close, and was wondering what would happen next.... view book

I wrote 794 days ago

Yarg review. Excellent start, you set the mood and hook the reader in. You move the reader on with a mixture of action and suspense. Dialogue nicely woven in creating dynamic scenes, which introduce the characters. Love the end of the first chapter, how could a person not carry on reading. Yo... view book

I wrote 794 days ago

A strong book, excellently written. You lead us on a journey that is full of demons and spiritual light. Your words are strong and fascinating and give a person much to think about. It certainly did me. You don’t come over as condescending or patronising, even though some of the contents is dark.... view book

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