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I grew up near California’s Gold Rush country and my early experiences there and abiding interest in its history and environment inspired the backdrop to my novel, "The Winged and Garlanded Nike." I spent years in the aerospace defense industry and later worked with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). My experiences during the early years of the Cold War, alarm over the irrational spread of thousands of nuclear-tipped missiles, and association with scientists who studied the dire atmospheric effects from a nuclear war were the influence mix that prompted the writing of this novel. NOT a techno-thriller by any definition, Its drama was inspired by my interest in the history, politics and personalities behind the ‘uranium adventure,’ but my love of literature, irony and mystery demanded that the novel’s narratives be inclusive of sentiment, metaphor, wit and murder.

Those seeking reciprocal reads and comments must be forewarned that my fiction interests now exclude horror, fantasy, chick lit, science fiction, and most crime – although I’m sure there are compelling novels therein which I must bypass.

My shelf below contains works that seem to me to possess that elusive literary quality which suggests to the reader that something interesting and original is going on.


favourite books

Most, but not all, of Nabokov, with 'Pale Fire' at the top.
'The Memoirs of Hadrian.' - Marguerite Yourcenar
'Austerlitz' - W G Sebald

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The Winged and Garlanded Nike

S G Scott

“Nike’ is a literary and documentary novel of the extravagant weapon culture during the Cold War. Murder, sentiment and wit leaven its otherwise serious intent.

‘Nike’ is a rollicking saga involving the denizens in the Gold-Rush town of Fernville, California. A metaphor plays in the background: That passion for the rare gold and uranium, surprisingly equal in weight, hubris, and maybe in consequence, stimulates the worst in human nature. The serious reader who patiently works her way through the multiple narratives in this literary novel will be rewarded, but might also experience something of dread and anger over the real nuclear confrontations depicted herein. Defense Company, Maxtar, moves to the Fernville region in 1955, bringing an unsettling milieu of engineers, scientists and executives. Hervey, an acerbic associate professor whose scholarship is the nuclear genie, worries over his nubile daughter’s chaotic entanglements with Maxtar engineers. Alice, a spirited and alcoholic executive’s wife, suffers boredom, prompting her to engage in extra-marital romance with Hervey. She desires authorship and discovers long-buried Fernville “skeletons.” Thirty years later we rejoin the characters, kept on stage by a tenuous correspondence between Hervey and Alice (now published author). Hard realities now contrast to the earlier slight whimsy present in 1955. Conflicts are resolved: Hervey’s final joust with the nuclear genie; those hot-blooded romances of 1955; a 1921 murder – or are they?!


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