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Hello, lovely writers and readers.

I'm an actress, art enthusiast, and graduate school director. I'm the author of three books. Thanks to those that have supported my books and offered helpful and encouraging comments. Book four, titled PERSEPHONE AND IVORY, will be debuting here soon.

favourite books

Diary of A Drug Fiend - Aleister Crowley
The Dogs of Babel - Carolyn Parkhurst
Drinking, A Love Story - Caroline Knapp
The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
The Hours - Michael Cunningham
Bag of Bones - Stephen King
The Angelic Darkness - Richard Zimler
The Poe Shadow - Matthew Pearl

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Tom Bye wrote 1 day ago

Hi Elizabeth. NYC Please do me a favour and put my book on your bo....

Sam Barclay wrote 10 days ago

Hi Elizabeth, Just read your 'about me' page. Would you be interes....

Calum_Mackinnon wrote 23 days ago

Just thought I'd message you to introduce myself. I am the author and....

tone099 wrote 26 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Tillerman wrote 35 days ago

Hello Elizabeth, Please don't think this is spam, because it's not....

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I wrote 36 days ago

This story is insanely wonderful, and Jack is probably the most memorable character I will ever encounter. Bravo! view book

I wrote 322 days ago

I love the opening paragraph - great hook to entice readers and yet it's poetic and gives a strong sense of voice right from the start. The author has a fluid, easy to read style that is vivid with the physical feelings this girl was going through. I think Emma creates an instant sense of sympathy w... view book

I wrote 429 days ago

This is the unexpected book and I'm excited - fresh and dangerous premise, tight prose and a smooth, swift flow. Great work - I want to read all of it. view book

I wrote 547 days ago

I admit, I always read Ms. Wells because I love her eloquence and style. Cypher's description raised questions, and readers are taken immediately right to the heart of Katherine. Choosing present tense is brilliant and the succinct dialogue I've come to expect from Violet is as (or more) intriguing ... view book

I wrote 686 days ago

I love this, Elise. You nailed Matt with such perfection I could hear the "italics" in his voice even if you hadn't written them that way. I like the voice of Vivia, and she will be the key to many, many sales of this book because so many women will relate to her (loved her confession about the weig... view book

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