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I write science fiction (but not always).
I drink too much coffee.
I listen to pandora.com.
I teach in the United States and South Korea.
My favorite writers are Larry Niven, Chuck Palahniuk, Hemingway, Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Crichton, and Vince Flynn.

Thanks to HarperCollins for making Authonomy. They can read the writing on the wall -- the writing that other big publishers are missing. It says "Change Or Die."

favourite books

(I would say "favorite books.")

Dune, LotR, Ringworld, State of Fear, Atlas Shrugged, Fight Club, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress...

I especially love the potential fiction has to create movements and change our society -- like Uncle Tom's Cabin or The Monkey Wrench Gang -- or fiction that captures the voice of a generation -- like The Sun Also Rises or On the Road.

Who is your novel a voice for?

my websites

http://www.seattle2seoul.wordpress.com     http://noveldog.com

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my books

Mountain Man

Steve White

An extraordinary wilderness, a boy genius named Jeffrey, a deadly quest...
And a wilderness-savvy, tall-tale telling, civilization-hating, wisecracking companion.

The land of Mira has no elves, dwarves, trolls, or unicorns. Instead, lurking in Mira is every wily creature ever named in American tall tales and fur-trapper legends.

The village of Fort Sanctuary lies on the coast of this extraordinary land. Twelve-year-old Jeffrey Jones, the printer's son, has a hard life here.

When knights from the old country raid the village and kill Jeffrey's family, he is cast into the wilderness on a quest to prove his worth and bring the raiders to justice.

His only chance for survival lies with his sole companion, a long lost uncle named Bogg, who calls the wilderness home. Rough, tough, civilization-hating, wise-cracking Bogg, with his bird's-nest beard and knife from the fang of a sabertooth, lost his brother to the raiders. He will hunt them down, and he's got no time for a young pup like Jeffrey.

They must set out together through a beautiful and deadly land, filled with forests and mountains, splintercats and hidebehinds, fur-bearing trout and four-legged hills. As Bogg and Jeffrey struggle to survive, they gain strength from each other, and draw closer to an inevitable confrontation with the raiders.


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mdws77 wrote 910 days ago

If you get a chance and like a positive Science Fiction novel with a ....

ndaye wrote 926 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

ndaye wrote 926 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Daniel Delacy wrote 1235 days ago

After one year on the site and over 700 reviews, I have accepted many....

Francis Albert McGrath wrote 1488 days ago

Hi Steve White, when I began this journey in September 2009, I did no....

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I wrote 1913 days ago

Hi Andrea, "It was meant to look casual for the dice throwers..." Unclear antecedent. That is... what does 'it' refer to? I do this all the time myself, and so does Stephen King, if I recall. Boy, indelfy sounds like a verb. Hard for me to get over that. Schreber throws burning oleander ... view book

I wrote 1964 days ago

Hi -- Mountain Man author here -- I didn't make up the word. The source material for this novel is American legends and tall tales -- really! The name "hidebehind," as well as the description of the fearsome beast, are almost two centuries old. Thanks for reading and commenting -- I ... view book

I wrote 1984 days ago

Hi Rob, I just read the first two chapters. Normally I'd caution about first-person present-tense, but that sort of comment isn't useful to you at this point. First-person present-tense works here, anyway -- works well -- with Harry's strong voice. It's fun just to hear how he describes things. ... view book

I wrote 1987 days ago

Hi Tim, I read the first two chapters. You've got a main character who's naturally interesting, because he has a neat power. Who wouldn't want to try out teleportation for a while? Even if he suffers terribly in the novel (and I hope he does, for dramatic purposes), we readers envy him his spe... view book

I wrote 1987 days ago

Hi Don, I took a moment to read the first couple of chapters. In the opening scene, I like that we don't know what's in the box under Jeff's arm. "Lost" and "Fringe" producer J.J. Abrams would call that a "mystery box" -- the reader will keep reading just to see what's in the package. Way to hoo... view book

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