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I am an Electronics Engineer who turned to Entrepreneurship to realise my own potential. I am here on Authonomy to support my dad's book "Ozoneraser". Though I prefer Non-fiction, I am usually open to all kinds of genres.

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The Da Vinci Code, Deception Point
Stranger in the Mirror,
The Girl with Dragon Tattoo

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Dear Mithun, As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may be p....

Software wrote 220 days ago

Hello Mithun, Hope all is well. I would deem it a big favour, if ....

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Dear Mithun, Now that Jessup and the Teleporter has been teleported ....

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Hi Everyone, I wanted to say “Thank You!” to everyone who helped g....

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Hi there, Mithun, thank you so much for supporting my book. I really ....

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I wrote 483 days ago

Hey Clive, Quite a way to narrate, you have got!!! I loved the subtle humor in the story and the first chapter went by smoothly and I am sure I will be back to read more of this. I am not sure if I can give you any constructive feedback regarding the storytelling and plot at this moment. Keeping ... view book

I wrote 519 days ago

Hi Ryan, I am a big Sci-fi fan and that was precisely what drew me into reading your book. The plot seems quite good and you have backed it up with a decent beginning. The preface is particularly good with the story having started sometime in the future, much like Terminator stuff...Your book has... view book

I wrote 527 days ago

Hi Emma, Your premise does exactly what it should be doing, drawing a reader into reading the book. Its short and illustrates the plot perfectly. I have read 2 chapters of the book and I feel the pace and the usage of first person to narrate the story is quite good. I am eager to read more of thi... view book

I wrote 644 days ago

Hi Serena, I have completed the first 2 chapters of your book and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Your expertise in writing is quite evident through the ease with which you have described Emily's dream in the first one and the subtle smooth-to-read characterizations of Emily and Luca in the 2nd ... view book

I wrote 673 days ago

Terrific plot...The beginning of the book is quite marvellous!!! view book

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