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Karlee Hall
18 years young
Australia, Queensland

I am inspired by music, all things strange, the supernatural and drawing.
I appreciate you taking the time to look at my profile and hopefully read some of my book. I truly hope you enjoy it, thank you very much..

I started writing this in 2008 and it was very much just a hobby but it's grown into so much more. I really believe that to write a good book you need to be obsessed with your plot. My book is always on my mind, whether it's in the background of my head or if I'm plotting out what happens next in the story. It's always there. I'm sure everyone on this site can relate.
I have only uploaded a portion of my book here but it is completed. It's also the first book in what I intend to be a series.
(Chained is completed at a word count of 68, 000+)

I'm so excited to have reached the 3 digit ranks (and now the below 500 ranks) for Chained. It may seem small but it's such a huge encouragement for me. I wish I'd discovered this site so much sooner. Thanks for everyone's support so far ^^

I'm of course looking for an agent, so if anyone is wanting to contact me my email address is:

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Karlee Hall

Jake Carter’s first mistake was believing he was normal.

Jake Carter was so average you could say he was cursed. That’s what he’d always thought since the day his father abandoned him and his mother. Sure, you could call him pessimistic but he saw himself as realistic.
However, as Jake nears his sixteenth birthday his life takes an unexpected turn when his dreams become overrun by 'red eyed' demons that quickly pull him into a world of enticing evil.
This world held answers to questions Jake never knew existed, pain he never thought possible, beauty he never thought human, and a destiny he never thought imaginable.
Jake’s future is not a story that can be told easily but the people he would meet along the way and the memories he'd create would give him the courage he never knew he had. The courage to seek out the truth in a malicious world shrouded by lies.
Little does Jake know, he must first overcome a darkness inside himself that threatens to consume him at any moment and erase all that is his humanity.

After all....the shackles of fate are inescapable.

(Completed at a word count of 68, 000+)


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I wrote 745 days ago

Stuart, Indeed, I'm an animal lover and instantly loved your story. It's so well written and rich with life. I'm so glad I took some time to read it and not just skim past it which can often happen on this site. I loved your long pitch by the way, it's very powerful. I hope for this to be published... view book

I wrote 745 days ago

Hey Joseph, It's taken me a while but on your request I'm here to swap a read. I don't really know where to start, I didn't know what to expect when I started reading and I didn't intend to read as much as I did. Your writing is just so absorbing. It's impossible to stop. Joseph has such a clear... view book

I wrote 771 days ago

Hey Kat, Finally returning the read, sorry it took so long. I'm finding less and less time to get onto this site :'( Anyway, this is really opening up to be an interesting read. I love a good vampire story so naturally I found myself easily enjoying this. In my opinion, it has a strong premise. I ... view book

I wrote 772 days ago

Jim, Returning the read :) I don't have much to say other than this is incredibly well written with an absorbing storyline. After devouring everything you've posted her I'm trying to rush this comment so I can check out the first book and get more insight to all the characters and how they got ... view book

I wrote 779 days ago

Here to return the read, I'm way out of my depths in this genre (pun intended) but despite this I'm enjoying it :) I've always had a fascination with the ocean and how much of it is undiscovered. It makes such a hooking premise for a book and I desperately want to believe that something like the 'T... view book

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