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Jason Quinn and Jonny Magnanti have been friends since their schooldays. They have been writing together over the last two years, Jonny from his home in London and Jason from Spain. The profile picture shows Jason as one of our lead characters in The Palace of Wonder. Jonny is an actor and Jason scratches a living as a comic book writer. Together they are creating the kind of works they want to read. We hope you'll enjoy them too.

The Palace of Wonder and LEEDS LS80 are now complete. You can contact us by email on jason.q@terra.es and j.mag@tiscali.co.uk

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There are so many, ranging from Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

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Jason Quinn & Jonny Magnanti

When they said the movie business was a cut-throat industry, Joe Kelly didn't believe they meant it literally!

It is the birth of the motion picture industry and Joe Kelly and Gloria Grace are on their way to the top. The trouble is, mobsters, good time girls, dope peddlars, cops and private dicks all want a slice of the pie. Joe is a genius with a shady past, Gloria is a star with an appetite for self destruction, and Mario Marinelli wants to be top dog in the movies.
Get a wiggle on, stock up on giggle water and high-heel it over to Palace Studios. Visit an era of glamour, sex, sleaze and scandal!


The Palace Of Wonder

Jason Quinn & Jonny Magnanti

August 1888 and as a killer strikes, the people of Whitechapel seek the truth within the walls of a seedy Dorset Street music hall.

Love, lust, sorrow, joy, life and death! All human emotions are here inside Dorset Street's Palace of Wonder. Everybody is searching for the truth, but will they stay alive long enough to find it?
Former kosher butcher's boy turned music hall impresario, Stan Garrideb has a dark secret, one that he hopes to take to the grave before psychic phenomenon Job reveals all.
Dr. Tumblety's only interest is in young boys... or is it?
Jewish mobster Aaron Ezekiel has ambitions to become London's leading crime lord.
Returned transportee and music hall sensation Growler Griffin is back to seek revenge on the man who ruined his life.
Bess is looking for a way out and is hoping to find it, one way or another through Inspector Trimp, the man with all the answers.
Enter the seedy world of the Victorian Music Hall but watch your back!

The Palace of Wonder is part 1 of a series following the fortunes of the music hall and those who work in it from the 1880s to the 1950s


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I wrote 1481 days ago

WHat a great idea this is. The true stories behind some of the world's greatest folk and blues songs, including a lot of my own personal favorites including Hattie Carroll, Frankie an Johnny and the brooding Stagger Lee. view book

I wrote 1481 days ago

Hoorah! A modern day up to date and comprehensive version of the Newgate Calendar. Kudos to you! My one gripe is the small typeface in places makes what is otherwise an enthralling read become a little bit of a strain. I think I need new specs. view book

I wrote 1483 days ago

This really struck a chord with me, having been an English teacher in the past and instead of heading for Mexico I headed for Spain. You've got all the ingredients here for a great movie adaptation. Muchisimas gracias, guapa. xx view book

I wrote 1493 days ago

The funniest thing I've read in ages. The awful thing is, I recognise a lot of myself in Wade. Ulp. view book

I wrote 1502 days ago

A strange mix this. From the cover and title it seems at first glance to be almost a tribute to the heyday of the taut thriller back in the sixties and seventies. In fact the book is as punchy as those novels and yet it is bang up to date too with an intriguing cast of characters. Love Spyder and Bu... view book

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