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I write about love. I wrote two books, The Butterfly of Love and Passing Clouds.



inspire me: Tchaikovsky, autumn colors, quiet neighborhood of a lake, South of France

some of my favourite authors:Nikos Kazantzakis, Julian Barnes, John Grisham

Thanks to those who read and have opinions about Passing Clouds.

I can be e-mailed on : jimcoso@gmail.com.

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Passing Clouds

Jim Coso

A book about love and financial crisis.The book reveals the kind of spiritual crisis which, more often than not, accompanies life’s great trials.

A guy with a happy family is left destitute following the financial crisis which burst the American real estate bubble and, on top of his financial and accommodation woes, is then abandoned by his wife and their two children. He ends up with a little clothing, two books and a tarpaulin. He leads the life of a semi-vagabond, getting himself back off the street through a string of poorly-paid jobs and, in a lucky break, is discovered by a film-maker who wants to give him a role in a film about the victims of the financial crisis which has shaken America. With his help, he finds a place to stay in an annex of the studio and continues to work as an extra in other productions. In one of these productions, he finds love with a pretty actress. He recovers professionally too, setting up a small team of joiners which grows day by day. His relationship is shaken by an episode from his partner’s past, which leads to their break-up, but Ralph’s lucky star doesn’t set; on the contrary it continues to rise towards its one-time zenith. He rediscovers an old flame and fully recovers his self-confidence.


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maretha wrote 480 days ago

Dear Jim, I want to make use of the opportunity to thank you for your....

Confucius Disciple wrote 490 days ago

Hi, This is Andrew Wright, author of KNEE. I'm wondering if you migh....

princessjobe wrote 505 days ago

Hello my name is princess i saw your profile today and became inter....

maretha wrote 506 days ago

Dear Jim, I'm going for the "shameless plug" type of scenario and hav....

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Hey Jim, I hope you are doing well! :) I just wanted to stop by....

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I wrote 604 days ago

Hi, Thank you, Lenny for your suggestions and your time. All the best Jim Coso view book

I wrote 605 days ago

Hi, Well researched and very interesting.Captivating. Jim Coso, Passing Clouds view book

I wrote 605 days ago

Hi Casimir, You are an interesting guy with an amazing writing. Very descriptive and interesting characters. I very much hope to see this gracing the shelves of book stores in the future. Jim Coso, Passing Clouds view book

I wrote 605 days ago

Hi Maretha, I find it charming, well written and engrossing. I enjoyed reading your book, the characters and ideas were very easy to follow. Jim Coso, Passing Clouds view book

I wrote 605 days ago

Hi Christine, Nice book!You have great potential. Jim Coso, Passing Clouds view book

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