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My first novel Sarajevo Walls of Fate is set in various places around world including Sarajevo, Singapore, New York, Granada and Rome. Several chapters of the book were first published here. Now the book is available at Style Writes Now, Smashwords and Amazon.

A comedy drama 'Weekend Chimney Sweep or Happy New Year' also received lots of attention. I have uploaded a half of it for my dear authonomytes' perusal. If you find it difficult to leave, look for your ebook copy.

My books have been traditionally published in English as well as my native language. But now I'm also exploring CreateSpace, Kindle and Smashwords and I find them fascinating and useful.
When I have a free moment, I do some translating, designing and placing stories on my funky book shelf at Style Writes Now.


Marija F.Sullivan was born in 1965 in Sarajevo. Graduated from Sarajevo University, Journalism Department.
Her work has appeared in English, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian collections of noted stories.

Her first book The Mermaid’s Dream, a collection of original children’s fairy tales in English, Adrian Mitchell compared to Andersen’s fairy tales. The book was published in 1995 in Singapore. A Bosnian translation was first published in 2002 by Sarajevo Publishing and last year again.
Recent reading in Oxford Castle, Once Upon a Time in a Gallery exhibition at the 03 Gallery, Oxford, was very special to her. The material from “The Mermaid’s Dream” was featured there together with other things.

Her picture book Kaput za hrabre (A Coat for the Brave), was published in 2008 by Sarajevo Publishing. New picture book Dzepni Ustipak (Pocket Elf) was published by Sahinpasic, Sarajevo.

In addition to her children’s stories, MFS has written an original collection of short stories in her native tongue, Slike iz novcanika (Wallet Photos), which was published by RABIC Sarajevo in 2009. She has since translated the collection Wallet Photos, into English and made it available on Kindle.

The writer lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with her husband Kevin and daughter Kati. The family intends to spend their summers in Spain.

MFS enjoys reading, especially literary fiction, children's, women's, romance, young adult's and good thrillers.

Contact: marijafs@yahoo.com

Happy to back you or comment if you have a good book or compelling writing style.

favourite books

Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Chekhov, Hesse, Dumas, Marquez.. List is really long.

my websites

http://www.bestforwriters.com     http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/mfs

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my books


Marija Fekete-Sullivan

Comedy drama: Two attractive Sarajevo ladies, courted by a patriotic accountant , a poet pickpocket and a highly strung tradesman navigate between reason and madness.

An antiquarian book shop in Sarajevo. Two good looking ladies, very young Dreamy and middle-aged Grace, are courted by three suitors.
Patriotic and prone to unusual urban adventures, in order to survive his boring job as an accountant, every Friday, Faithful poses as a chimney sweep, thus stealing smiles from passers-by and occasionally getting into extraordinary situations.
Nothat is a poet who is one day in love with translucent Dreamy and the next in love with vital and intelligent Grace. In order to get out of financial difficulties, common among writers in the region, he indulges in the less common craft of pick-pocketing. He genuinely loves people, especially women, which seems to be his sweet downfall…
Crackpot, the third suitor, is an average nice guy, but one with experience of life in a mental hospital because of alcohol problems. As a result of this, other people are often in awe of Crackpot. However, he cannot escape real fears or those that are caused simply by his highly strung disposition.
Read about their predicament and their virtues – a funny, in-depth portrait of a divided post-war society, urban heroes and petty criminals lingering on the edge of mental and moral well-being.


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I wrote 427 days ago

A striking book, written with emotion. I have read five chapters and I hope to read more soon. Good luck and very best wishes, Marija view book

I wrote 595 days ago

Hi Casimir, Well aware that play is not something you see here every day. But I will keep it for a little longer for the sake of wonderful people who wrote lots of earlier comments. As for your observation that my play is 'loaded with meaning' and 'make the reader work much harder than they a... view book

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Hi Casimir, I very much enjoyed chapters 1-3. (Hope to read some more soon.) Highly starred and backed with pleasure. Best, M Weekend Chimney Sweep or Happy New Year view book

I wrote 657 days ago

Happy to support this exciting book! Best wishes, Marija - Weekend Chimney Sweep or Happy New Year - Sarajevo Walls of Fate view book

I wrote 666 days ago

Dear Adam, I was all ready to read your book in my free time, but your spamming methods have discouraged me a bit. Marija view book

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