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Location: Greensboro, NC
Age: 22
Part Time Job: Associate at an outdoor sporting goods store selling firearms.
Profession: Army National Guard (SGT; Team Leader.) Military Police.
Email address: makeitrelativelyclean@yahoo.com

Please excuse common grammar mistakes and misspells... I have not completed all of the editing of my novel and am still tying up loose ends but I plan on updating the chapters when I am sure that they are as good as I can make them by myself without hiring a professional editor. I really plan on making writing a career in my future, because I love to spin stories of magic and weave out the strange intricacies of twisted relations between individuals as well as imagine up ways to have emotionally/mentally scarred main characters. I do hope that you will enjoy what I have put up of Last Rain... and please give me some advice on how to make myself a better writer, as well as a better presenter (of my book and of myself!) Have a happy new year and God bless to all!

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Last Rain


A damaged psyche makes for a dangerous assassin, a cold lover, and a wild card that no one can predict.

Siza, born to a family whose past boasted lethal and quick swordsman masters, is entranced by the sword and by her older brother. Nothing in the world could compare to the way that he moved with his sword in hand, nor the way he cherished and loved her above all others. Defiant towards the culture that she was born in which only allowed women to be educated in the matters of household funds and poetry, she dreams of one day growing to look as beautiful as her brother does with his sword.

When her father, strict and deep in his belief of where a woman belongs in society decides to finally put his foot down and declares that she must be sent away in order to gain a more womanly outlook on life instead of dallying with the sword, a life altering even throws her and her brother into a maddening downward spiral towards insanity, urged even quicker by the task that her brother assigns to her later down the road of her life.

When psychopathy is merely a sword stroke away, how will they all turn out in the end?


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I wrote 856 days ago

Believable characters and great emotion written into what you have so far. Your imagery is exceptional as well. I'm glad I took the time to sit down and read it, and found that I couldn't stop! This is the perfect "something" that most authors can't get a grip on... your novel is truly one of those ... view book

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