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'Everyone is fighting their own battles, so don't be a c***'

I am far from a professional when it comes to writing, I sometimes misspell words and misuse punctuation but I still continue to tap that keyboard, simply because I love it. I enjoy nothing more than sinking into another life for a few hours and after spending so many hours engrossed in the imaginations of other authors I decided I would give it a go myself.

I welcome ALL criticism, all I ask is that it be constructive; 'Its rubbish' just isn't going to help me become a better writer.

In return I promise to be as honest and helpful with your work as I can.

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The Catchers

R. Swain

The Catchers are everywhere. After they cruelly destroyed her family, Eliza wont hide anymore.

Eliza Heed is seventeen year old girl with a chip on her shoulder and an increasing impatience for the grim town of Turnley.

Five years after the disappearance of her mother and a normal Monday morning at college brings forth something Eliza and her older sister Katherine could never have gotten away from.

The Catchers are everywhere. After destroying her family, Eliza won’t hide anymore.


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writingwildly wrote 265 days ago

Hi R.Swain I read a couple of sections of "The Catchers." Compelli....

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Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of ‘Hollow.’ I was wo....

ubulord wrote 551 days ago

"The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale" is a book with one....

Chris Bostic wrote 552 days ago

Hey, R, You are welcome. Nice to have you on YARG, and glad you fou....

Lucy Middlemass wrote 554 days ago

Hello R. Swain, You're welcome. Do let me know when you've updated....

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I wrote 554 days ago

Hey, just came for a quick look, I've only read the summary so far but I have to say I love the 'forget realism, enjoy escapism' sentence. It sounds like quite a deep read but this one sentence gave me the 'all is not lost' impression. I'll be back to have a full read shortly but just thought I'd s... view book

I wrote 578 days ago

** I took The catchers off while I reworked, The whole story has been changed and worked at over the few months to make something I am much happier with ** view book

I wrote 715 days ago

I found this after looking for something that would make me 'LOL' - I hate how thanks to Facebook this is now becoming an acceptable word to say... Not that it's even a word!- Anyway, so as someone who has a mountain of issues with peoples obsession with Facebook, I came across it & just had to r... view book

I wrote 729 days ago

As a p.s I have just shared this story with my Facebook friends - Hope you don't mind :) view book

I wrote 729 days ago

I Love Vimto! I had no idea what to expect when I first started reading but some way through I thought Vimto would be some sort of pied piper figure that stole the children. I genuinely felt anxious wondering what Vimto was going to do to Steve. I went in the completely wrong direction but I felt ac... view book

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