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Eileen is a former comedienne who went around the world working in Fair Trade.

She's worked on London’s stand-up comedy circuit, was half of send-up magic act Dork and Tacky, and was KISS-FM’s radio co-presenter Carmen Ghia, of whom the Guardian said, ‘She can make the Hanger Lane Gyratory sound like a deviant sexual act. Put her in charge of all radio jingles immediately’.

She's done TV voice-overs, directed the comedy sketch show pilot Spontaneous Combustion, and her dramatic film Refugees won praise and prizes at international festivals. Her stage play Little White Lies was produced last year in Scotland. This is her first travel book.

For eight years she was the entire staff of www.eileensimports.co.uk, a member of The World Fair Trade Association, and has worked with groups in Nepal, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Peru. Most were abandoned wives and mothers living near the poverty line, so it was reassuring how much giggling went on, and mealtimes were always a revelation.

Born and raised in the USA, she fled as soon as she could. She lived in the UK for nearly thirty years and is now a sickeningly proud British citizen. What's not clear is exactly how she'll get back to Thailand.

She seeks representation by a literary agent.

favourite books

Reading Lolita in Teheran - Azar Nafisi
The Road to McCarthy - Pete McCarthy
Travels with Myself and Another - Martha Gellhorn
Black Elk Speaks - John Neihardt
As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela - Mark Thomas
South from the Limpopo - Dervla Murphy
Start Where You Are - Pema Chodron
Flatland - Edwin Abbott
Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game that made a Nation - John Carlin
Tuesdays With Morrie, and Have a Little Faith - Mitch Albom

Reading Policy:

I am happily available for trading reads and comments, dependant on time. I always return a read. Usually I can read the first chapter only, but I comment as fully and helpfully as I can. Please get in touch if this sort of trade suits you.

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Noodle Trails: Fair Trade, Dun....

Eileen Kay

Comedienne and Fair Trade importer loses everything including her sanity and travels through Thailand in search of solace, mangoes, and food for the soul.

Eileen is off to Thailand, like many winters before. Then it was sun, sand and samples of souvenirs, but not now: she's broke, alone and discouraged. This trip could be her last.

She will bid fond farewells to her trading partners: effervescent Mr Wanchai of Elephant Dung Paper, Mrs ‘Call Me Aunty’ who invented recycled newspaper weaving, and dynamic Boontam who keeps her neighbourhood alive by carving things from coconuts.

She trawls through Bangkok slums, mountain-top weaving collectives, ratty beach huts, and deserted towns near the war-torn Malaysian border. Her grass–roots, first-hand experience in the global Fair Trade network proves that even one lone woman can make a difference in a world of economic elephants.

Her humorous travel journals are the basis of this eccentric, free-spirited memoir and personal love letter to all the Thai people who befriended her. Best of all, she's wrong: it’s not a farewell journey after all. Tsunamis, heartbreaks, and other losses can be survived: hers, theirs or anyone's.

The Noodle Trail contains edible insects, tough questions, out-loud laughs, ambushes of poignancy, and an awful lot of elephant dung.


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