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Thanks to all you wonderful authonomites - authors and readers alike who carried my wee book to the Editor's Desk. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment and I know The Angel Chord is stronger from having made each and every one of your acquaintances.

I work as a physiotherapist - that's the day job my wife keeps telling me not to give up. I also enjoy making a racket with a guitar and have been called a singer/songwriter by some and a lot worse by others.

As for writing - I dont have any grand aspirations - I would love to publish but I am realistic. I know the the odds and can live with them; if it happens great, if not I still enjoy the process.

I've uploaded only part of my book (as that seems to be the trend given the top 5) but I'd gladly put up the rest if anyone requests as it is complete at 134k words.

I'd love to find representation and any interested agents or publishers can contact me at d_tobin@sky.com

favourite books

Hearts in Atlantis - Stephen King
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thomson
To Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper Lee
The Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger
Odd Thomas (all) Dean Koontz

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The Angel Chord

Derek Tobin

Supernatural thriller: three strangers stumble into an End of Days demonic plot and discover that atheistic, hooker-using and guitar-playing angels are the world's only hope.

Three strangers (from contemporary Glasgow, London and Los Angeles) collide as they travel to a mysterious gathering in Los Angeles which they are suddenly forced to attend. As the real world unravels around them, they discover the truth about angels and demons and how they exert their influence on earth.

Upon his deathbed, Floyd Jackson imparts a secret to his eighteen-year-old grandson Sandy. He tells the boy the hidden truth about angels and demons. Floyd explains the three things Sandy need know about angels: they don’t have halos, they don’t have wings, but they do play harps - or at least they used to - in modern times replaced by guitars.

This is the one truth, hiding in plain sight in every holy book (whatever flavour) ever written. But a guitar in an Angel's hands is a weapon - a means of harnessing it's icon. Floyd knows this because he himself was a demon host, and, now repentent, asks his atheistic grandson to wash clean the stain he placed upon their family. But can an atheist become an angel? And if so, can he harness an icon with enough power to stop the End of Days?


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I wrote 686 days ago

Hi Fatema I enjoyed reading this. You definately have a lyrical and poetic quality to your words. You ask many interesting questions - although it did drift from one thought to the next like a continuous stream of consciousness. It also had echoes of Jane austen - loved this line "Even if smeone to... view book

I wrote 728 days ago

Hi Cas I enjoyed reading this very much. Firstly I think the pitch is good - sets the scene nicely and gives away just enough to tweak the interest - so well done with that. You have a nice wriitng style - almost poetic at times and some lovely descriptive phrases throughout it. I am already on b... view book

I wrote 747 days ago

Hi Oktober I really enjoyed reading this. Great premise - and very original too. It flows well and is a well manicured manuscript. Beth seems like an interesting protagonist and someone I could follow down the pages. I've made a few suggestions: "plotted his course with military precision" - too ... view book

I wrote 751 days ago

Hi Matty I enjoyed reading this - I think you have a nice hook with the vampire headmaster and this could go down well. It flows well and I am already on board with your young protagonist Greg. I always make a few suggestions cos thats why we're all here. So here goes: I would ditch the first line ... view book

I wrote 754 days ago

Hi Fifi I enjoyed reading this first chapter. It flows well and there are no clunky sections slowing me down. You write good dialogue - believable - which is key for me so well done. t is a well m aicured manuscript but I always try to make at least a coupold of suggestions so here goes: "clad in... view book

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