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I am an English major about to go to Santa Clara University (I've started late). I have written four novels and have had my first published. Both of my sisters have books nearing completion.I attend four writing clubs: Romance Writers' of America, South Bay Writers, Bay Area Writing and Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators.

favourite books

Anything by Daniel Silva. Northern Lights by Nora Roberts, Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn, The first Commandment by Brad Thor, The Forsyte Saga, The Twelve Caesars and of course, any Jane Austen books.

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In Her Own Backyard

Lori Buckman

It's 1970. The Vietnam war, free speech and civil rights, is on everyone's minds. But Karin only wants to find just the right man.

In Her Own Backyard, a romance novel of 70,000 words, takes place in 1970 when the country is embroiled in the Vietnam War and protesters take to the streets of Berkeley, California.

In the midst of these protests and sit-ins on the Berkeley campus, Karin Atwood falls in love with a talented and worldly professor who has a secret that might destroy their love. Misunderstandings pull them apart and she falls into the arms of a handsome but sinister man who needs rather then loves her. Soon, she believes she has lost the love of both men to a mysterious young woman.


Home Where She Belongs

Lori Buckman

Young woman leaves one country to work for a family in another. Finds that her home is not where she thought.

Moira is Irish but loses her estate. She meets Julianna, who asks her to accompany her to England. She urges her to work for an acquaintance of hers who needs another servant. The acquaintance, Lord Montague has the deed to her estate.
She falls in love with his son, Charles, and expects him to marry her but he plans to marry a rich young woman who happens to be Julianna.
They visit her for a ball.
A letter comes from his mother that she needs them to return quickly. The two spend the travel time apologizing for their immaturity, and Moira tells him the real reason that she wants to get her house and land.
When they return home they find Charles' father on his deathbed. He tells Moira that all along he has had the deed to her home in Ireland. Charles overhears and realizes now that Moira has the deed she'll leave him. He rides to the hill where he met Moira. She rides after him and tears up the deed in front of him telling him that, 'My home is with you.'


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Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

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I have to ask why you are setting "Home Where ...." in Ireland and En....

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Hi Lori, “Informers and blackmailers, phrenologists and dissection....

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I wrote 1492 days ago

Olga, Nice name for a very nice story. Riveting. Definitely a page turner. I would definitely buy a book like yours. Your cover says it all. Your writing is so full of life. You describe a setting so well. A few comments about your grammar, though. Obviously they're just my suggestions or comments... view book

I wrote 1496 days ago

Eric, Darling stories.I especially liked Billy the Pig and Digweed the cat. Children are going to love having those stories read to them. Bedtime? You didn't always capitalize Spot. Thank you, thank you for such entertaining stories that, I'm sure, will make better adults. Backed Lori Buckman (I... view book

I wrote 1496 days ago

Gerald, (Sorry I haven't gotten back to you). So, this is what Ireland is? This is how they speak? My! I'm going to have to study so I can understand everyone over there when I visit. Your little dictionary is marvelous but maybe it should be in the back though I certainly got appreciable informati... view book

I wrote 1502 days ago

Bora, I was ready to criticize some very little 'errors" but I realized that is your voice and it would be criminal to change it. I wish I could write my memoirs about something powerful in my life that others would ooh and ahh about. But I can say I lived in Berkeley, California at that time and I... view book

I wrote 1507 days ago

Dawn, Marvelous, original story! A few comments, though: You use some words that are not necessary and that are redundant, such as, 'ensnared tangle,' 'instructing ideas,' 'swayed unsteady,' or 'meaningless gibberish.' 1st Chapter '...but every direction I looked there was...' ...but every di... view book

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