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Twenty and the author of three books while in the process of editing my latest one. I'm attending Western University and writing as much as I can. Don't let my age fool you, I'm extremely dedicated to my passion.

You can visit my website to learn more or follow me on twitter: @ChristineeeRees

To the people I owe reads to: I'm sorry if it takes me a while to read your story! Once I put it on my WL I will read it, but it may take some time because of my busy schedule. My apologies!

**Spark is a refreshing new outtake on the world of magic. It deals with teenage hardships and dangers no one could have been prepared for.**

I am looking for representation. Any literary agencies interested in working with me can contact me at christine@christinerees.com

favourite books

Anything by Meg Cabot, Ellen Hopkins or Suzanne Collins.

my websites

http://www.christinerees.com     https://twitter.com/#!/ChristineeeRees

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my books


Christine Rees

Erica's high school life was normal... until he revealed what she was capable of.

Do you have a secret?

Erica Spencer does when Damen Mrez enrolls at Black Forest S.S. His good looks and all-too-familiar green eyes make it impossible for Erica to concentrate on anything, especially when he begins showing up in her dreams only to drop hints about them the next day. Erica’s boyfriend doesn't appreciate her friendship with the new student, but Erica can’t help her curiosity.

Damen doesn't want to stay away from Erica either. He knows something about her, something that she has yet to figure out by herself. Erica doesn't have impressive speed or strength and she definitely can’t read minds, but her abilities are desirable among those who can wield magic. As her new-found talents bring her closer to Damen, Erica’s boyfriend becomes easily agitated and angry but he's not Erica's only problem.

A menacing individual from Damen’s past invades their town, endangering Erica and everyone around her. To protect the people they care about, Damen and Erica go on the run. But once Damen goes missing, Erica knows that it’s time to stop running. Now she’s ready to fight.

If only she could find the ones who took him.


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