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Hi I'm Keith Argyle, I now have eight books on amazon.co.uk on their Kindle store for downloading. Just go onto amazon.co.uk and type in my name Keith Argyle and you will see all the books that are available. I have seven books on this site at this time, The Sword of Delmar, Merlin Returns (sequel to The Sword of Delmar), Would-be People and Tales From Little Willow, Dimension Warp, Seasons of Murder - Justice Unwarranted and The Medallion of Lorn. I hope you enjoy reading them and back them... Thank you.
I live to write and have been writing all my life. To date I have written about 30 plus books of one kind or another. Several of these books are novels of around 100,000 words plus. Others are shorter works. I love fantasy and science fiction mainly and have also written two books on Creative writing. I am now looking for a publisher to take on my work. I also publish a monthly magazine for creative writing for those who live in the UK. Email me if you are interested in knowing more. It is sent all over the UK. The magazine is called, 'The Creative Writer UK'. I also run a writers' workshop on a Saturday morning at my local library in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire. 10am - 12 noon. All are welcome. If anyone lives in the UK and would like to know more about my writers' magazine, then ring me on 01709 325912. Genuine equiries only please. The first current issue is free. I have launched an international writers' magazine for creative writing on amazon, it is shown with my other available books. If you live abroad and would like to be an international member, then check it out soon.

favourite books

All the Lord of the Rings series.
All the Harry Potter series
Most of the books of Greg Bear.
Chocky by John Wyndum
and many more...

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my books

Dimension Warp

Keith Argyle

Phil wakes up and finds himself in a strange hospital room, what is even stranger, he finds himself 200 years into an earth's future time.

Phil wakes up in a strange hospital type bed, but there is something very wrong with this place. The bed is floating on air and there is barely anything else in the room other than strange decor. Suddenly he is joined by a beautiful woman, but soon discovers that she is a female android. She is called Salon 5. She explains to him how he was found by a monorail pillar and brought to the hospital, when he asks her what date it is, he dicovers that he has somehow been projected 200 years into earths future. Phil discovers that Salon 5 is much more than a standard android, she can perform any act that any human female can, other than have children. He is told that Salon 5 has been assigned to him as his companion. When he has recovered, Salon 5 takes him to his new apartment where he soon finds out that making love to a female android is an incredible experience. He soon settles into his new life, but can't help wondering if he will ever find his way back to his past time. He marvels at this wonderful female that never says no to sex.


The Sword of Delmar

Keith Argyle

Sir Gwain and his quest for the Sword of Delmar and his battle with Lilith the Demon, and his ultimate rescue of Princess Eve.

Sir Gwain is the last Knight of the Round table of Arthur. He leaves Authur as Arthur is being taken to Avalon by the three Guardians. His own quest begins when he sets off to obtain the Great Sword of Delmar, which he needs to rescue the Princess Eve from the tower of Lilith, the demon of Nod, where Eve is under her spell. Only the Sword of Delmar can cut through the magical veil that entombs Eve.
Sir Gwain has to deal with attacks from Lilith all along his quest and find worthy men to help him. This story brings the legends of Lilith, and Eve, who was once Adam's wife from the garden of Eden, together. Sir Gwain encounters many strange animals and creatures that he and his men have to destroy, and defeat the magic thrown at him by Lilith. This story is a thrilling fantasy that will entertain all the family.


The Medallion Of Lorn

Keith Argyle & Paul G White

Merlin and his beautiful companion, Lore Chenatikan must reunite the seven elements of the medallion in order to save the seven universes from extinction.

The Medallion of Lorn is a gripping fantasy tale about Merlin and his companion, Lore, who journey between the seven universes in a quest to obtain the seven elements to complete the medallion. This they must do in order to save the seven universes from extinction. They are pursued by Troy, an evil wizard, who craves the power of the medallion in order to create his own dark rule of the seven universes. Merlin and Lore face danger after danger, battling dragons, monsters and magicians. They meet many strange creatures within the star systems of the seven universes of creation, and all the while they are menaced by the spectre of Troy and his followers, who are hell bent on their destruction. They battle to keep one step ahead of their evil adversary, whilst Troy gathers more followers and continues to grow stronger. Journey with Merlin and his partner, Lore, and see how they battle against all odds to unite the jewels of the medallion of ultimate power.



Keith Argyle

Merlin returns from the depths of time to assist Sir Gwain rescue young Arthur (Gwinevere's son) from an evil wizard.

Merlin, King Arthur's old Wizard, returns from the depths of time to help Sir Gwain rescure young Arthur, Gwinevere's son, who was conceived when she betrayed King Arthur to Sir Lancelot. Young Arthur is kidnapped by General Skullen, who was Mordreds General when King Arthur and Mordred (Arthurs insestuous son to Morgana), killed each other in their final battle. General Skullen empowers the help of an evil wizard, Karamu, to help him take over the Southern Kingdoms and tries to blackmail Gwinevere into marrying him. Gwinevere sends for Sir Gwain and Merlin joins him to help rescue young Arthur. They defeat General Skullen, but the evil wizard takes young Arthur through a cave into another universe. Merlin, Sir Gwain and two of Gwain's knights follow him and have to do battle with the evil wizard, Karamu, to get young Arthur free. But they encounter the unknown when entering the different universe and find themselves on a strange and hostile planet. Come join Sir Gwain and Merlin on their strange and epic adventure in the persuit of rescuing young Arthur. Meet strange people and creatures that will make you want to carry on and find what comes next. Good reading, Keith.


Seasons of Murder - Justice Un....

Keith Argyle

DI Coops and DS Manders investigate a particular brutal murder. The victim, John Parker should never have died in such a way, or at all.

DI Coops and DS Manders begin a scary investigation of the death of John Parker. John was for all intents and purposes a very friendly lad who seemed to have no enemies. But we all have someone who is lurking in the shadows to put us down for one reason or another. DI Coops and DS Manders uncover an unwarranted plot that is not only shocking, but unexpected. You will be intrigued by the clever way that they find and pin down the murderer.. The story also goes into the personal lives of DI Coops and DS Manders and how their families and lives intertwine with this investigation. You might recognise yourself within the characters and relate to what they do and say. This story is the first of a potential series of stories to follow. I hope it grabs you and interests you to read it to the end. Each posting will be a different story. Please give me feedback in any way. Advice will be greatly appreciated. However, if you only feel anomosity towards my writing, then I would appreciate it if you would keep such comments to yourself. I wish constructive comments not destructive... Thank you, Keith.


Would-be People

Keith Argyle

Time travel with a hero of a different type, a must read for the fantasy readers everywhere, you'll be amazed at the concept it exploits

This novel has a time travel experience not seen before and involves heroism, adventure, strange creatures unknown to mankind and stems back millions of years. Brian has to take on the Nucon space travellers and destroy them to return the land of Sardis back to its people. Before he can do this, he has to travel to the Sacred Mountain to see the Great Sage, who will give him and his two companions the powers to destroy these invaders from space. In the course of his projection to the past, he falls in love with a beautful woman and has an intimate relationship with her, this results in a child that tears him between going home to his own time or staying with her in the distant past. Brian is set on a task he feels must be completed and knows his only way home to his own time is to defeat the Nucon invaders. He and his two companions have to wade through test after test to reach the Sacred Mountain to meet the Great Sage. The story involves a great battle with these aliens and one that is unsure of who the winners might be.


Tales From Little Willow

Keith Argyle

The lives, loves, happy and sad events and achievements of a fictional North Yorkshire village twenty miles from Scarborough. Read and live their lives too.

This novel is about the people of Little Willow. You can enjoy and learn to know them like friends and follow their daily lives as they go about their business and families events. You will laugh, cry, be amazed, intrigued and feel like you are there with them and see and live as they all do. This has been described as a Soap Opera in words. Little Willow could be like somewhere you know and live. It's about everyday people and a community that is always ready to help their fellow neighbours and friends. Come and live their lives with them in this 15 episode story, you will want more and more. I have now begun a second novel that follows on from this one, this too has 15 planned episodes. You will be chasing me for the second novel. I hope you really enjoy this believable story of everyday life in Little willow. This book is dedicated to my Granddaugher, Marnie, who survived a vicious attack of Meningitis C and came home to tell her amazing story of the world beyond this life. Her story is told in episode 15.


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Hi there Ivan, this is a tremedous book, Ilove the prologue and what follows is excellently written and the descriotion is brilliat. I paticularly love your choice of similies, very inventive and original. I look forward to reaing more. I have backed the book. Keith. Your book should do ver... view book

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n excelent prologue that brings you into the story, I will read on... view book

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Well Joshua, a brilliant opening chapter, I couldn't stop reading and had a good chuckle at the events you wrote of, especially with the Principle. The description was excellent and humour poured from every sentence. This books deserves to do well. I will certainly be going back for more of what... view book

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