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The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly
anything by Mary Higgens Clarke.

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Summer's Rose

Greig Kelly

A detective disenchanted with his job. another doubting herself. Now forced to work together, they must forget their past in order to uncover the truth.

As a heat wave takes hold of New York City, Detective Nathan Sommers must put aside his feelings of distrust in his new partner in order to uncover the secrets of a murdered artist.
With the mayor personally asking for Sommers team, the pressure on him is already high but as they unravel the truth Nate must find a way of untangling his personal life that has become intertwined with the case.
The stakes are high and with doubt gripping his mind now more than ever Sommers must listen to his team while fighting the the spark between him and Rose. At least until the truth is uncovered.


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dloganw wrote 589 days ago

Hi Grieg, Read the pitch for your book and since I like mystery/dete....

patio wrote 591 days ago

Dear friend, would you mind back and/or appraise/proofread a chapter ....

baby400 wrote 609 days ago

Interesting, How is everything with you, My name is victoria female....

dloganw wrote 612 days ago

Hi Greig, I’ve just posted my new book Stop the Insanity. It is a ma....

Meg Wearing wrote 620 days ago

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, A Shamrock On The ....

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I wrote 671 days ago

Thanks for your comments i found them really helpful. I totally agree with what you have said. I will definitely take a look at your book. view book

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