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I'm a friend of Glenn Colin, and the 'Linda' who has been helping with his edit. I think I'm pretty good at it - or I could just be obsessed with his book, 'Sons of Apollyon'.

If you appreciate the effort, I have completed this first of his novels - I'll have time on my hands until he finishes the second and third...

"Sons of Apollyon" is now listed in the Top Ten at http://www.OffTheBookShelf.com - in about a week after posting?

I'd be glad to take a look at your novel for a minimal fee: join my website! For that I'll do a read through, correct spelling and some grammar, and if I can work within your style, a sample chapter line-by-line edit. After that, we can talk.

You can email me at cookingskewl@verizon.net

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Nora Roberts - just about anything she's written
Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series

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http://cookingskewl.com     http://www.OffTheBookShelf.com/authors/444-g-a-col

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(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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Hello, my name is James Revino, I am the author of ‘The World Blinked....

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I wrote 1393 days ago

Please keep the faith! I've heard about people who came in number 6 or 7 who dropped off... Next month is not so far away... hugs, Linda, friend of 'Sons of Apollyon' view book

I wrote 1428 days ago

As you've asked me to comment several times, I've gotta say that this is not my thing. Wish you luck, but I can't endorse. view book

I wrote 1456 days ago

This is not my usual genre, but I'm hooked! Your writing style is superb; fast paced, and believable in an unknown world. A parent's disapproval - in both look and tone - transcends all universes, and you used it well. Backed! cookingskewl, friend of Sons of Apollyon view book

I wrote 1460 days ago

With believable, likable characters you've laid the groundwork well. Your style seems perfect for this type of story - you provide just enough background detail yet the facts we need are readily available. Definitely backed! cookingskewl, friend of Sons of Apollyon view book

I wrote 1460 days ago

As my computer locked up half way through the first chapter, I find your beginning highly plausible. Your humor is great - not the hit you over the head kind, but the subtle intelligent kind that so many fail at miserably. No time to chat - have to run a cleaner and reboot so that I can read more!... view book

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