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We are two female authors Tricia & Maura who have jointly written 4 A.M. Until 4 P.M.

Two women meet after a sonic boom has awoken them both from sleep. The characters who observe their meeting are drawn in and become involved in their worlds.

The fallout from the ‘bang’ in this evocative, seaside un commercialised location, has an impact upon all of the characters lives as they travel through the stretching, bending, illuminating, shadows of time.

The book provides realisations, resolutions and solutions to the tangled webs brought about by the ‘bang’ in all of these character's lives.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content.

THE PAPER DOLL by Bradley (Tricia)

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Give this to Tim Burton and the most horrific physiological thriller would hit our screens with a bang that would reverberate across the globe!

Both books are now available on Amazon
http://www.amazon.co.uk/4 A.M. Until 4 P.M.-ebook
http://www.amazon.co.uk/The Paper Doll-ebook

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The Sea, The Sea - Iris Murdoch
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Family From One End Street - Eve Garnett
The Cement Garden - Ian McEwan
On Writing - Stephen King
The L Shaped Room - Lynne Reid Banks
Ulysses - James Joyce
Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf

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Tricia Lomax


Can you see this book is a game?
Do you want to play?
I can see that you don't, but I know that you
Maybe you won't but I know that I shall
Can you play by the rules?
Do you know what they are?
You are already playing, can't you see?


4 A.M. Until 4 P.M.

Tricia Lomax & Maura Farrar

Anna and Jo, meet at dawn on a coastal cliff path, the other characters who witness this encounter become drawn into their worlds.

This book engages mind and body, with its narrative and beautiful imagery, which is located in an English, seaside town. The elements of land and sea, form part of the novels structure and is fundamental to the characters lives, as are their emotions and interactions amongst others, as well as between themselves. The two central character’s Anna and Jo, meet at dawn on a coastal cliff path, the other characters who witness their ‘meeting’ become drawn into their worlds. The story lines are uniquely intertwined by Anna and Jo’s exploration to find happiness and identity. Anna’s quest to understand herself, is her self discovery in the writing of her book ‘Fermanagh House’. Jo has fled from her own past and disconnected from her world, to live a life of anonymity and seclusion in a beach hut. The imaginative mystery, becomes a multi-layered riddle, wherein the lives of the characters are each given room to lap in and out of one another, creating windows that lead into dreams and reality as if everything is in some way connected. This book enriches the reader with depth and understanding of these people and the extraordinary impact they have on each other.


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Hi Tricia, Thanks so much for putting your review on Amazon, I was v....

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I wrote 457 days ago

Hi Kit, Peilis - A modern day version of 'Lord of the Flies', where kids rule. The school trapped inside a cage becomes a fortress, a battleground, a playground for chasing boundaries which are never set. The teachers appear detached and powerless bystanders, limp and insignificant, without purpo... view book

I wrote 547 days ago

Hi Kit, I have read through this story a couple of times. I will be able to give you more feedback when it is complete, so if you can let me know when you have uploaded the finished piece I will come back to it. But for now - I found this a challenging read with continuous changes of threads, thi... view book

I wrote 729 days ago

Hi Kit, This is powerful writing. You have created a complex juxtaposition of what is there, what is not. As a reader I love to hover, imagine and then climb inside between the lines to try and find the missing pieces. For me this story is in hiding and about what is left out. The voyeuristic natur... view book

I wrote 976 days ago

Tremendous thanks for taking your valued time to read the whole of our book. Your feedback is much appreciated. The original version of the book was written as I throughout in the case of Jo; therefore it is not surprising that you have found some errors here to correct. Also the tenses for the... view book

I wrote 982 days ago

This story is sensitive, touching and very moving. I cannot add to what Margaret has commented below and agree this book deserves to succeed. Well done. Kind Regards. Bradley (Tricia) view book

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