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I am a versatile writer. I write plays and children's books. I have taught acting and performed in theatre with children and adults,in both Italian and French. Currently I work with Luca Giarrettino who is a character designer and illustrator with ten yers of experience in the animation industry.

I am Italian, but live and work in the UK since 2008.

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Prince Brown and The Pitch Bla....

Maria Teresa Zambigli and Luca....

The Pitch Black Giant wants to move to Palette Island. None of the Princes will accept him, except for the humble and ingenious Prince Brown.

An illustrated book for children aged 0-8 years on the values of art, diversity and tolerance.

The Pitch Black Giant wants to change home. His little and dark hole on the volca-rocky-land now seems too sad and small, compared to the nearby vast Palette Island, a welcoming world full of colours.

Moving there looks like the ideal solution and it would take just one giant step to make the dream come true. Unfortunately, a sizeable group of the Island’s Princes are opposed to this move.

The Giant in fact is covered in gooey, dripping pitch that could definitely mess and soil the glorious scenery of Palette.

Luckily, the ingenious Prince Brown, the clever Princess Straw-Yellow, the clumsy nag Cheddar, a small group of daring little princesses and the Fluffy Cloud will come to the rescue of the Giant with a brilliant plan …

"Prince Brown and the Pitch Black Giant” isthe first story of the series dedicated to Palette Island. See www.paletteisland.com for more details.

We believe that the idea coud be adapted as TV series for pre-schoolers, smartphone applications, online games or toys.


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