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Not much to say. Divorced, living in Prague with three cats and my stories. Aspiring writer still unpublished but planning to change that, hopefully, someday...maybe? Surely...
I have two books up because those are the two I have completed so far (I actually have one more but it needs a lot of work).
Also I do try to read anyone's books who read one of mine and I also try to read others, as well, but it takes me forever to get to them.

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http://sonyalano.wordpress.com/     http://www.praguewritersgroup.com/

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Dance of the Tavyn

Sonya Lano

Alynah wants to save her family, herself and her country – in that order. Falling in love with an assassin isn’t on her list.

Alynah is nothing but an overlord’s well-trained pawn, thrust into a game with only one rule: never betray the truth. With her chances of survival next to nothing, she plays the game she doesn’t want to play, obeys the rule she doesn’t want to obey, and makes allies she doesn’t trust as she fights for stakes she never wanted to risk.

Who has time for love when she’s losing everything else?


About That Happy Ending

Sonya Lano

Who says you need a prince to live happily ever after?

Don’t believe it when they say you’ll be kissed by a prince and live happily ever after. It doesn’t always happen like that.
In fact, for me, that was the disaster of my life. I mean, can you imagine being kissed by a prince named Blandsome? Shudder. Adventure-quelcher is the least of it! Add to that the fact that his feeble little lips didn’t quite break the itty bitty spell that had turned me into a cuddly, fuzzy cat and you have a dibbly, dismal man longing for blandness with a woman who would rather hunt rats and play with his mum’s hair-balls (er, ‘pearls’ in human-speak).
It’s no wonder I ran away with the pied piper (whom he’d hired to kill all my playthings) and set off on a journey to find my fairy non-godmother (one of those Shouldn’t-Even-Exist beings that curse poor, unsuspecting royal infants) so I could demand she put things right.
Of course, I never expected to end up with a trail of cursed siblings in my wake, an army of irate fairy creatures on our tail…and a love-struck fool who just might break my curse.


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J C Michael wrote 599 days ago

Hi Sonya, My novel, Discoredia, is currently sitting in the top 20....

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I wrote 647 days ago

You certainly have a great imagination and describe some beautiful, intriguing images in here :-) This reads to me a bit nostalgically, as if someone is looking back on all these fantastic experiences as someone now older and wiser (not necessarily old or wise, though, if that makes sense) and missi... view book

I wrote 647 days ago

I read chaps 19 - 22 + the interlude and for a while I was like 'Who is Hayden and where did this mention of him come from' before I realized he was Reath!!! You told me about the Aamre change but not about the Hayden-Reath thing (or else I didn't notice it or forgot you'd mentioned it :-) ) But no ... view book

I wrote 647 days ago

Just read chapter 3! The two rivals for her affections met - hee hee :-) Although I'm willing to bet that poor Hugh doesn't stand a chance. "Kate thought of Brett and was shocked where her trail of thought had led her" - I'm not shocked at all lol! The exciting gunman or tame friend? Although I supp... view book

I wrote 652 days ago

So far I've only read the first chapter but thought I'd comment anyway because I really like the story! You have an excellent first sentence and a promising story beginning here in my opinion, and the pitch looks to be a fantastic premise. I love your sense of humor! The character is well-drawn and ... view book

I wrote 653 days ago

Wow, I read from chapter 9 to chapter 18! Couldn't stop myself! I love the characters and the events just strung me along without much hope of me stopping it! Some of the memorable parts for me: her singing - it reminded me of my own! My cats start to walk around getting agitated when I do it, and ... view book

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