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Hello, I have various genres which interest me, most of all I enjoy accomplished atmospheric stories that are engaging. currently I am working on a military/adventure trilogy.

I enjoy reading work of other aspiring authors as I believe taking this step into literature is brave and deserves acknowledgement. Hopefully my stories will be well received and people will enjoy my writing. All criticism is welcome, and hopefully I can develop my skills further.

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Into the wild
Patriot Games
The Post Office
Catch 22
To Kill a Mockingbird
Against All Enemies
Catcher in the Rye

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Into The Dark

Adam McCreevy

Seven special forces soldiers fight against rogue mercenaries, while trying to uncover a hidden secret that a Russian Admiral will do anything to protect.

A Special Forces unit is sent into Sakha to try and uncover a secret that is hidden inside a forgotten compound. The unit are sent in after a Navy SEAL team is ambushed and held captive. The operation is completely secretive and only a hardened American general, an old gnarly Swedish General and a crafty female UN executive know the truth of this operation. Sergeant Paul Jessop leads his team of highly skilled troops and one out-of-place officer through a treacherous and unforgiving terrain near Siberia. They are in search of the legendary base which is operating under the command of a corrupt Russian Admiral who has built his own private army of sinister mercenaries and one former colleague of Jessop. The team are compact and close, but their grit is tested when a man who is called "The Russian Demon" is deployed to hunt them in a forest they have never stepped foot in before. The polar conditions get the better of some people. In this place the cold air catches their screams and freezes them in time. Will the truth be worth the sacrifice or will survival be their only concern?


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Neville wrote 366 days ago

Hello Adam, not for the squeamish but I hope that you will take a loo....

ubulord wrote 456 days ago

Thank you for your comments on "The Prince and the Singularity - A Ci....

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Hey, Adam. Haven't spoken for a while, now, I guess. Thanks for the k....

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I wrote 574 days ago

Hi, I enjoy the idea of the story and the pace is fine. As Pickarooney said, some of the punctuation could be worked out. But that all comes with re-drafts (my story needs yet another draft until i am happy). If you can avoid jumping from narrator to the actual character in one sentence it would ... view book

I wrote 574 days ago

Very interesting. It builds and builds as the words appear on the page. only made it through first two chapters, but they are written with a tenacity that i like. I will read on. I hope the tense backdrop continues, because i am now waiting on something insidious to happen or to erupt. Adam Cian ... view book

I wrote 616 days ago

Hello, I like the characters in the opening chapters. Maybe a little more clarity on Justin's character would be worth working on, she seems unhappy and unmotivated, but her descriptions and personality slightly clash for me. I think that her sisters understanding of her is great, as she wouldnt ... view book

I wrote 628 days ago

I like the contrast between Chloe and Kirsty, it makes it feel like a sibling rivalry, but with more of an insidious tone behind Kirsty's angenda. view book

I wrote 630 days ago

Hello, I really became gripped by Chloe's passing in the opening. I almost felt as though she didnt experience death as others do. She became an odd hero when she recognised what was going to happen and she accepted it, because most cannot make sense of it. The story is easy to follow and also a pl... view book

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