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Lucas Lightning III

Michael Zyskind

A young boy gets in way over his head when he tries to pick up the lofty family mantle.

After the death of his renowned parents in a tragic accident, fifteen-year-old billionaire Lucas Lightning—third of his name—escapes to the family’s mountaintop estate in the mysterious Thunder Valley, where violent storms routinely clash with the stunning surroundings. There, he spends his days eating exquisite meals prepared by his private chef, lounging poolside by the backyard oasis, and hunting his best friend’s monstrous mechanical creations in the wooded area that encircles the property. Isolated from the world, Lucas is at peace.

But when Lucas stumbles upon an enigmatic boy during one of his hunts and an escalating storm, his picturesque life turns upside down. Lightning Manor is targeted by a brutal mercenary raid; the boy is taken and Lucas’s beloved guardian is put in a coma. Vowing vengeance, Lucas ventures into town to find those responsible.

Irrational, self-destructive, Lucas plunges into a pit of madness, all the while struggling—buckling—under the weight of a name that has become worldly synonymous with greatness.


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