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Please don't ask me to read your book. My WL is bulging and I really like to decide myself which books to read.

If you send me the same spam you send umpteen other people, I will NOT read your book. I will not one-star it because I'm not that sort of person, but I will be annoyed. (It's not wise to annoy a snake.)

I don’t read a lot of literary fiction and am not overly fond of chick lit, neither do I care for gratuitous use of foul language or violence. I’m not looking for excessively religious books either. Romance is okay, unless it verges on the Mills&Boon style, which makes me both puke and laugh (hysterically). I like SF, thrillers, some fantasy and YA books. (But I have not been a young adult for a long time!) I won’t offer a comment unless I spot something that I either really like, or that really irritates me. I do not read misery-lit. If your book is about vampires, or a teenager who has to save the world, I probably won’t read it. I’m a nitpicker re grammar. When I back a book I read as much of it as I can.

My backing policy:
What I like, and for as long as I like.

favourite books

Authors, actually:

Terry Pratchett
Tanya Huff
Lois McMaster Bujold
Kerry Greenwood
Roger Zelazny
Isaac Asimov
Eric Frank Russell
Philippa Gregory
Ken Follett
Stephen Baxter
Harry Turtledove
Connie Willis
Jean Plaidy
Madelaine Brent
Nevil Shute
Desmond Bagley
Janet Evanovich
Sue Grafton
RE Delderfield
H Rider Haggard
Arthur Conan Doyle
Ray Bradbury
Sharyn McCrumb
Robert Westall

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Retired teacher Amelia Ross befriends young Davy Gordon and he introduces her to Joshua Taylor, his grandfather. They, however, have met before….

Amelia Ross is a quiet retired teacher, the sort of person one would pass on the street and not even notice, but she has a past about which few people know or even suspect. Even now she is not as harmless as she may seem. She meets young Davy Gordon, becoming his friend and protector.

When Davy’s grandfather Joshua Taylor enters her life memories are awoken … and they are not all good. Joshua feels sure he and Amelia have met each other once, many years previously. She also remembers their long ago – and very unpleasant – encounter.

Davy’s parents are entangled with Toby Kendall, who runs both legal and illegal businesses, but he has a problem. Someone is killing off his associates, and the cops are unwilling or unable to find out who is responsible. When Kendall sets his geeky young protégé Miles, one of Amelia’s ex-pupils, to work investigating, he comes up with some unbelievable answers.

Novella length and complete at approximately 40 000 words.


Monday Stories


Looking for something light and entertaining to read? These may make you chuckle, or even make you think. They range from silly to sad.

Most of these short pieces were motivated in some way at the writing group I attend. Some are from pictures, specific beginnings, events or characters. The majority are light hearted in tone; there’s a touch of fantasy in several, and animals figure in many.

This is intended for enjoyment only. Comments are welcome, but backings are not required.

There’s a spoof on classic Westerns, a Dreamtime story and the defence of the wicked witch in Snow White. Several are set in a fictitious town in the wheatbelt area of Western Australia during the 60s. One is set in a castle, one on a beach and one at the Zoo.

A couple are based on real happenings, while others have no basis in reality. Silver Ghost, the longest, was written with an outline giving the main characters’ details, and with colours, food and events to be included. Dikophobia, one of the short pieces, had to contain a specific word.

Two are written from the viewpoint of pets, and one is a tribute to a grand old lady of crime.



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I wrote 3 hours ago

Jed, I am chuckling as I read this. It really is a delight and fun – and funny too! view book

I wrote 1 day ago

There is very possibly a good fantasy/horror story in here, but, contrary to the glowing opinions of your fans, it is not perfect. Minot typo in the short pitch: Lords should be Lord. Who is narrating the prologue? '... those like myself who were born afterwards...' (Easily fixed) How did Doro... view book

I wrote 1 day ago

Jillian, this is one of two fantasy books I've looked at today. I read three chapters and hope to get back for more. Both Peter and Alison are interesting characters, the medical details were convincing and there's the hook to find out more about them both. Dante is a bit of a puzzle, as is the rela... view book

I wrote 1 day ago

Today I've looked at the beginnings of several fantasy type stories. I'm likely to read more of this to find out further details of Lucian's life and how he has come to this situation. His exchanges with Brianna made me chuckle, and it's clear Eve is going to be a complicating factor in his life. It... view book

I wrote 17 days ago

I enjoyed the voice of the narrator a lot...very much in favour of feisty seniors! view book

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