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An inveterate, practicing raconteur with an MA in BS, it has been touted that I hold the world's largest collection of economically useless information. Perhaps a little harsh but I embrace that brand wholeheartedly.

To be fair though, I should allow that I am a semi-willing victim of a classical education. I suppose the theory there was that if you throw enough things against the wall, some of it will stick. I like to think that some of it did although I'm still trying to figure out if it was spaghetti or linguine.

I hasten to assure you that my character references all agree that I am one, and were I to choose one word to describe myself, that word would be ineffable.

If you feel the need, please E-Mail me at:

raymondterry@ mac.com or

favourite books

Frequently, anything by William Faulkner, Robert Service, Robert Ludlum, John Grisham, Louis L'Amour, Immanuel Velikovsky, Sir Francis Bacon, Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler. Strange company perhaps yet through it all I confess that if my favorite crime fighter is not Timothy Cone high priest of Wall Street fraud, then it has to be the Belle of the Burg, the High Queen Bee of Bail Bonds, the inimitable, one and only, Stephanie Plum.

More writers? Damon Runyan, as anyone who can write a story like 'Lady For a Day', has to be divinely inspired. 'Meditations', by Marcus Aurelius, daily, Henry Mencken, when I am half in the bag and in the mood, and a whole lot of really interesting things too but no politics. My current wife (bless her heart ) hates it when I come home bleeding.

(Okay,...so lately I've been reading politics too.)

For anyone who is interested, if I read your work and comment, I will direct such comments towards your intent in telling the story. I care not if you have made a typo on page six, nor if your punctuation is less than according to Hoyle, nor, God forbid, you have misspelled something on page nine. I simply want to know if your story is well crafted; does it read well and would I buy it. A completed book gets extra high marks as I do not read the first few pages alone and an incomplete work generally pisses me off.

Please bear in mind that I refuse to play the game of tit-for-tat mostly because tits are worth far more than tats as any guy will freely relate.

my websites

http://raymondterry.blogspot.com     http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B005GM8OP0

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my books


Raymond Terry

Gambling is coming to Paradise Beach Florida. Real estate mogul Derek Clymer is building a new city for the purpose.

Y'all been down the glades...ever...? No matter, Soon, in this story it becomes apparent that Derek Clymer has picked the wrong team for his job.

Jake Terrebonne is skimming. Billy Hunt is too honest. An investigative reporter is smelling around and Bert Weems, local fixer, has a problem. Of course ithat is nothing that money cannot solve and as this book opens we find Bert abortively engaged at making his problem worse. It all could have been so easy, so very goddamned, mother fucking easy.

While his future spirals towards the drain Bert compounds his mistake until the problem becomes simply a man named Bertram Weems. Not to worry though, Jimmy 'Blue' Terrebonne has been making problems permanently disappear for years.Sure he has...this one bump in the trail is no dammed different...

Available on Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005HA9YW8?ie=UTF8&tag=thwoisfloratl-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B005HA9YW8 and Amazon or createspace in paperbound.

Cover artwork is by Brett Glennon. www.roopopdesign.com


Moon Racer

Raymond Terry

For a Cold Warrior, tomorrow is Just Another Yesterday

Take the red pill mother fucker...

Self avowed Asshole Bart Driscoll was perfectly content in his low level State Department job, putting in time until retirement and dreaming of fly fishing the Yellowstone when he is thrust back into a Country called Cuyamas, where he was stationed twenty five years ago during the Contra buildup.

Sent on this new mission to observe the hanging of an American citizenl, Driscoll, who would like nothing better than to get back home and leave on his annual vacation, begins to notice irregularities.

When he is called in to visit with a man he formerly knew as an adversary during the Cocaine wars, things go downhill fast and Bart Driscoll is on the run once again.

With some help from an unlikely quarter, Bart is able to stay alive. Some others are not so lucky.


The Second Coming of Walter Cl....

Raymond Terry

An alternate existence in a parallel universe of AD 98 brings problems not dissimilar to our own...

Time travel is impossible. Of course it is... Everyone knows that, but what if those softly whirling magnets beneath this very stone floor were replicating right now, and a parallel universe was only an instant away?

What if it all really did happen when you turned a simple lever?

Would you go…would you?

Here, a foundling child, raised as a ward of the state, becomes Doctor Walter Clements, achieves prominence in the field of Particle Physics, and makes a fateful discovery.

Then, disillusioned with the state of the world and his personal contributions towards making things worse, he, and a group of like-minded friends escape to a parallel universe of 98 AD and jointly create a new life near Rome.

Yet the temptation to use familiar advantages from modern times finds Walter in transit again and one day by chance, he is recognized on a security tape. With his new life in peril, and rogue elements of the government closing in, Walter must evade an elaborate trap crossing twenty centuries and close the bronze gate to modern times permanently.


The Case of The Saladin Ruby

Raymond Terry

A new adventure of Sherlock Holmes

An assemblage of nefarious characters bedevils Sherlock Holmes while in New York on a vacation mandated by Watson. Chief Inspector Darius of the New York police department needs help when an arch criminal, known to Holmes takes residence in the city and an evil plot surfaces.

Upon request I undertake this endeavor. While no scholar as to the Holmes library written by Sir Arthur, I am attempting to capture the period accurately. This is a trial balloon and all of you Sherlock Holmes fans are welcome as advisors and critics.

Neither for lauds, nor the ED, feel free to comment and know that I shall answer each of you.

By the way, the woman in the painting on the cover is Elizabeth Foster Cavendish. Please note that the final syllable of that last name is 'dish'. Trust me, it describes her well...at least at the time of the painting.... Thanks, RT


A Bend In The Trail

Raymond Terry

Murder deceit and mayhem come to Florida, America's vacation paradise.

In 1863, the USS Albemarle, transporting a shipment of gold to the Mexican government of Benito Juarez, meets with an accident at sea and sinks. After a series of thefts and murders the gold is deposited down a sinkhole in Hardenton, Florida, where it remains for 145 years.

Phil Dreyfus and his sister Lacy, who have purchased part of an old family farm at the Withlacoochee Bend, find the gold while searching for a good well. Before Phil can return the gold to the government, his hired hand kills him and steals the gold while a government satellite watches. The thieves escape, pursued by government 'troubleshooters,' who have their act together, and by two Mafia button men, who don’t.

Stu Forbes, a direct descendant of the Confederate captain who transported the gold and died in the process, picks up the narration and starts connecting the dots. The true goal of the government troubleshooters is recovering a letter from Benito Juarez to Abraham Lincoln that would give the United States a legal claim on Mexico.


The Man Who Could Stop Time

Raymond Terry

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Y'all jus' ain't gonna believe this shit!

Hard to say when I first noticed I could stop time. I do remember some things from when I was young. It was all kid stuff, patchy memories really but there were some things back there I could pull up if I concentrated. I guess the first time I can recall making it actually work for me profitably was that time back in second grade at Gadsden Elementary in Tallahassee Florida.

After that it was a pure adventure but today I surely turned it into a problem. Yes I did and there ain't no goin' back. No sir...


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I wrote 9 days ago

Posting your divine 'Wolf mother' yet again. Not sure how this works and several books I had here have desapericado'd by themselves. (That means 'disappeared' in el Centro Americano parlance) Trust me...that is not necessarily a good thing. I still think that the gritty substance of your story... view book

I wrote 15 days ago

Absent, at this time, the review from Autho. Do post it when you are able... RT view book

I wrote 32 days ago

An interesting slant on El Centro America. In my own experience there are many that would envy the facil unopposed actions that seem to characterize General Garcia in the world he administers. I particularly liked your rendition of the Bull Fight in the especially constructed arena. Interac... view book

I wrote 37 days ago

Having reviewed the foregoing comments proffered by Autho, I must disagree with the basic tenet of the review which is that the story is rushed, undeveloped, and could be expanded. Well,, what couldn't. Even the Bible offers a paucity of details on some subjects where we might profit from expans... view book

I wrote 140 days ago

Tonia...Ithought this was a delightful romp that once again seems aimed at the cell phone, tablet, Kindle Fire reader that either has, or does not want to spend hours on a single story. I predict it will do well, in no small part to your skillful writing and resourceful story lines. RT view book

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