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Hi, Everybody!
The reason I'm here is because writing to me is as rewarding as playing most sports but my main goal is to get a book published someday because I'm very passionate about writing.
So I hope and pray you guys can equip me with the tools, I need, to accomplish that.
So be brute and critical if you have to be. I won't be offended. It will only bring out the best in me, if anything. So lets hear it...
Remember! I promise to read all your comments, however, much I might rant and rave at them. I know deep down you mean well.
So get backing!

favourite books

Winter Moon: Dean Koontz
Monkey Shines: Micheal Stewart
The God Squad: Paddy Doyle
The Street Lawyer: John Grisham
Blackout: Campbell Armstrong
Ticktock: Dean Koontz
Watchers: Dean Koontz
Phantoms: Dean Koontz
Fluke: James Herbert
Lightening: Dean Koontz
Digital Fortress: Dan Brown
Mr Murder: Dean Koontz
Risking it all: Ann Granger
Judicial Whispers Caro Fraser

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EBUE wrote 205 days ago

hello my dear' my name is JULLIET EBUE ,i saw your profile....

ChrisDietzel wrote 278 days ago

Hey Robert, thanks a lot for the backing!

S.M. Koz wrote 280 days ago

Hi Robert, Thanks so much for backing Pangalax. I really apprecia....

BeeJoy wrote 282 days ago

Hi How are you today:)? I have put your book on my list to read this ....

adrianbaldwin wrote 360 days ago

Hi Robert, Thank you so much for adding Barnacle Brat (a dark come....

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I wrote 838 days ago

Geddy Rudolf Goes Bananas is a great story! You were right it is for all ages. And very funny! I really hope this gets published by next chrismas, so I can read it to the kids. Enjoyed it. Well done. Rob Slimm Slickswitch view book

I wrote 868 days ago

Hi, Annie 'James' reads really well, and I really enjoyed the story. I adored the storyline, I could picture it as a movie someday. Glad you joined Authonomy and Good Luck. I look forward to some more chapters added soon when you feel ready. Five Stars for now! Rob Slimm Slickswitch view book

I wrote 874 days ago

Well done Kim! I enjoyed 'Pain' It was very intelligent and it had a splendid plot. I also think I had learned something from reading it. So much thanks! Rob Slimm Slickswitch view book

I wrote 887 days ago

Dear Orma Was very happy with Crystal Child, it was a great story. It read smoothly and all made sense. You handled it very well in deed! Well done! Rob Slimm Slickswitch view book

I wrote 891 days ago

Navile was ace! A great story and very well written. It had some awesome touches throughout! I hope many on Authonomy back and read this novel! Very happy indeed SIX STARS every page. Rob Slimm ''Slickswitch'' view book

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