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I write because I can't not write.

'Cassidy Brown and the Worst Two Weeks Ever' is my first attempt at writing middle-grade fiction. Let me know what you think!

I do my best to return reads, but if it's been a while and I promised to read your book, please remind me!

I can be contacted at emilydmarston@gmail.com

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Cassidy Brown and the Worst Tw....

Emily Marston

Fourth grade is hard, especially for Cassidy Brown, whose overactive imagination, smart-aleck tongue, and insatiable curiosity are constantly getting her into trouble.

Okay, so who knew that if you tried to pull a tablecloth out from under your dinner, it would make a mess everywhere? Or that frogs aren’t exactly welcome in school? Cassidy Brown always ends up finding these things out the hard way.

For the school science fair, she wants to do a project about cats, her favorite animals. The problem is that everyone pretty much knows everything there is to know about housecats and lions. Maybe if she could find a new cat, one no one has ever seen before, she could impress her teacher and win first prize.

The science fair isn't the only thing on her mind right now, either. Her Great-Aunt Mildew is coming for a visit, and she'll be sleeping in Cassidy's bed, smelling up her room with her wet-cellar odor and forcing Cassidy to use a sleeping bag on the floor.

And just when she thinks nothing worse could possibly happen, she’s proven wrong: she finds out that icky Jimmy Colgan has a crush on her.

'Cassidy Brown and the Worst Two Weeks Ever' is complete at 28,000 words.


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I wrote 229 days ago

I've read up through chapter three and so far I'm enjoying this very much. It's a lot of fun to read. You've done a very good job of writing as an almost-twelve-year-old boy (I have one myself, so I'm somewhat an authority --as much as anyone not one can be, anyway!). There is so much to wonder abou... view book

I wrote 429 days ago

Thought I'd take a peek since you sent me a message a few days ago inviting me to read. I'll start off by saying that I don't think I'm your target audience. Perhaps it's a lack of a sense of humor on my part, or simply that I don't get what you're trying to convey (being a septic and all ;)). It'... view book

I wrote 431 days ago

I usually go into reading books here on the look out for the things that are good, the things that could use improvement, and for any typos or grammatical errors. I like to give balanced (and hopefully helpful!) reviews. Unfortunately, I just can't do that in this case, because from the first cha... view book

I wrote 433 days ago

I really enjoyed this--so much so that I read all you've posted in one sitting. Tess is a very interesting character. She comes across as an authentic teenager (a young one in the first chapter, and more like her actual age by the end of chapter six) rather than an adult trying to write like one, ... view book

I wrote 436 days ago

This is really lovely. I haven't seen anything quite like this before, a story revolving around five pet birds and their caretakers. Chapter one sets the tone, and in chapter two we are introduced to the central characters, ending with foreshadowing of what I assume is the tragic event referred to ... view book

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