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I've self-published two books for children and two books of short stories for adults. No, they haven't sold by the million. People who read them seem to like them. (END OF SALES PITCH.)

I crowd-funded the second book of short stories - using Kickstarter. If anyone wants to read about my experience, follow the second website link below - then click on the 'History' menu.

And I'd be happy to answer questions about it. Send me a message. But I'm only here occasionally so don't be offended if I don't get back to you right away. If you're in a hurry, use email (see below) or contact me through my website.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not pretending to be an expert. But I have been through the highs and lows of crowd-funding and self-publishing. And if I can help anyone else get through it, that would be great. (For me. And, hopefully, for them too.)

If any agents, publishers or delighted readers wish to contact me, please use...

pt5415 (at) yahoo (dot) com

or send me a message through my website.

favourite books

Ring Road by Ian Sansom

Recently read it and loved every minute I spent with it.

Is it my favourite published book? What a stupid question. But it IS a book I've read and loved recently.

my websites

http://www.petertarnofsky.co.uk     http://everythingturnsoutjustfine.wordpress.com/

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my books


Peter Tarnofsky

Learning how to freeze time turns out to be the easy part. (Bully-baiting, crime-thwarting, disappearance, and a dodo follow.)


Cross your fingers and make a wish...

Tim certainly wouldn't have wished for this – his best friend injured and then abducted from hospital, his father struck down by unexplained fainting fits, an unsettling new neighbour who no one else has even noticed and his home being burgled. And on top of it all, violent storms are brewing, looking like the sky might crack open.

Besides, Tim didn't want to cross his fingers in the first place but now it's more serious than just rescuing window cleaners and thwarting the occasional bank heist. The dodo might be coming back, his trebuchet for the school fête isn't finished and the only help he can find is written in Greek.

And his maths teacher would be furious if he knew Tim was responsible for the second loss of Fermat's last theorem.


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I wrote 1128 days ago

Just for fun, I thought I'd post a review which I received. It's probably not fair to name the publishing house or the editor so I won't and have removed one sentence which would identify them. However, I will comment on the review... **** REVIEW BEGINS **** I had a chance to look at this a... view book

I wrote 1584 days ago

Not just a good opening line for chapter 1 - great sentences seem to be scattered all over the first six chapters. (I especially liked the one about Adrian realising that the hand wasn't his own.) Oh, and the story seems gripping so far - it's not just that I like the odd sentence here and there..... view book

I wrote 1593 days ago

Well written, funny and with a great cast of idiots - what more could you wish for? Thoroughly enjoyable opening. view book

I wrote 1626 days ago

Great opening chapter and, judging by the title and the pitch, the story clearly has some way to go from there. Sparkly dialogue, likeable characters and a journey to Key West (which, funnily enough, I've done myself in an open-top car from Miami) - what's not to like? Shelved - and will probably ... view book

I wrote 1626 days ago

I always feel like a fraud backing a book without leaving a useful comment! But I honestly can't think of any criticism (constructive or otherwise). I've read the first four chapters and your writing got my eyes watering several times. Great writing - clear, gripping and moving. Good luck with... view book

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