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I'm a journalist and wannabe novelist. I'm married with two small boys and don't have much time to write (or read!) but I do my best. I am often found scribbling away on the train, while my boys eat their dinner or in the middle of the night.

favourite books

Riders by Jilly Cooper is my all-time favourite but I will read anything and everything.

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http://tantrumsandtrexes.blogspot.co.uk/     http://kerrybarrettwriting.blogspot.co.uk/

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my books

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewild....

Kerry Barrett

Control freak Esme is forced to face her past and save her future when she goes home to help in the family business.

Control freak Esme runs her life with military precision despite the tiny complication that Esme is a witch. But when she finds out that her aunt, Suky, is fighting cancer. Esme must return to her childhood home to work in the family business; a café that doubles as a coven. As Esme struggles to remember everything she’s tried to forget about witchcraft, she’s faced with another problem. There’s a new minister at the local church and he’s determined to ruin her family. As the minister steps up his hate campaign and the town turns against Esme’s family, Esme wrestles with her feelings for her married boyfriend, Dom, and her first love, Jamie. Meanwhile Suky’s beginning to investigate black magic. But one night, as the town gathers to force the family to leave, Suky goes too far and she collapses. Unable to save her aunt without the strength of many witches, Esme is forced to stand up in front of the town's women and beg them to help. Will the women help? Can Esme save her family business from ruin? And can she bag herself a hot new man at the same time?


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KirkH wrote 627 days ago

Thank you Kerry for your good observations and comments about Expat W....

Tarzan For Real wrote 628 days ago

I look forward to reading and reviewing your work. From the pitch so ....

Jodie James wrote 629 days ago

Hey Kerry :O) Thanks so much for reading, commenting and backing H....

Emma Barnaby wrote 629 days ago

Hi Kerry, I liked the look of your book so just popped in for a read ....

revteapot wrote 632 days ago

Hi I'm making the assumption than as a writer of fantasy, you'd be i....

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I wrote 628 days ago

I really like the premise of this novel and the pitch sounds great. I enjoyed the opening chapters and just have a few comments to make... *I really like the parkour bit at the start and, knowing the pitch, couldn't help wonder if Pam is going to turn into some sort of master criminal! *I did ... view book

I wrote 629 days ago

Hi Veronica I thought this was a great start to your novel. Your writing is confident and clear, and the concept is very clever. I like the idea of seeing the same event from different points of view. I didn't mind the change in person - putting Laurie's chapter in the first person marked her... view book

I wrote 629 days ago

What a fun read! I enjoyed it. I am not a massive fan of very 'girly' shrieky laughter type fiction, so I was wary at first, but it won me over very quickly. The relationship between the girls feels very real and you tell us a lot about them, without us noticing, which is very clever. I thin... view book

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